FORBIX SEMICON Co. an electronic products and wireless automation company, estd. in 2009.  The company produces more than 400 electronics products for various market segments.  FORBIX SEMICON solutions deployed at 10,000+ locations across the world, and growing.  The company products have wireless solution as the core technology.  Furthermore, the products are reliable and working for almost a decade. Moreover, the wireless solutions need no installation nor any wiring. And finally, they are robust and maintenance free. FORBIX SEMICON anticipates present and future requirements and design products. These units cater for the necessity of people and at the same time, give them the sense of reliability.

The primary electronic products involve wireless automation products. In addition, the factory produces many other electronic products. Moreover, FORBIX SEMICON designers keep interacting with customers to develop better solutions.  Wireless automation has now revolutionized the way electronic products operate. Hence, the world is now seeing the benefits of wireless automation solutions. Since the inception of the company, people have relied more and more on FORBIX SEMICON brand. And finally, reliability and easy of use has been the foremost goal of the electronic designs.

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