FORBIX SEMICON, Electronic products and wireless automation Co.

FORBIX SEMICON is a leading electronic automation and wireless product company.  Estd. 2009 FORBIX SEMICON started with like set of minds and designed solutions to help people.  Help people with electronic products that will ease their day to day life.  Increase profitability, by the introduction of various automation solutions.  Help gain mental satisfaction with the introduction of reliable security solutions.  

Systems are working at over 10,000 customers deployments worldwide, and numbers growing. During this span, we have expanded our portfolio to 400 different wireless products. Wireless automation is the key building block to most of our solutions.
FORBIX SEMICON products and markets:
  • Wireless nurse call system find a place in hospitals and medical sector.
  • Long range wireless alarms used in industries, factories and defence sector
  • Wireless calling systems for old age homes, office peon and many more…
  • A gamut of motion sensors and automation long range alarm system for homes and factories
  • Air monitors for homes and offices, that measures the cleanliness of air you breathe
  • A few of innovative solutions for the future:
    Wireless traffic light controllers (customized / centralized traffic light control systems)
    Unmanned railway crossing alarming solutions
    Camera based automatic motion sensing (from few 100 meters to kilometers) and alarming
    Electronic price tags and ESLs
    Digital signage and various display driver solutions

    Outdoor air monitoring systems and recording for smart cities

FORBIX SEMICON is the largest manufacturing co. in India for wireless calling and alarm systems. We systems that are scalable in future. Wireless automation products needs no wiring and is trouble free installation. As a matter of fact, most of our systems does not need any installation. A DIY (do it yourself) sort of.

FORBIX SEMICON, headoffice and factory is at Bangalore, India.