FORBIX SEMICON Co. is an electronic products and wireless automation company, estd. in 2009.  The company produces more than 400 electronics products for various market segments.  FORBIX SEMICON solutions deployed at 10,000+ locations across the world, and growing.  The products are user friendly and are working from almost a decade. The wireless solutions needs no installation nor any wiring. They are robust and maintenance free. FORBIX SEMICON delivers reliable electronic products and wireless automation solutions. We produce custom designs for industry automation. IoT integration is possible with all the core designs from FORBIX SEMICON.

Nurse call systems

Medical products

  • Research center 100 - 800 dormitory beds
  • Big hospitals 50 - 400 beds
  • Dispensaries 5 - 50 beds
  • Clinics 1 - 10 beds

Guest house and restaurant

Commercial electronic products

  • Old age homes 40 - 400 rooms
  • Guest houses 20 - 100 rooms
  • Restaurants 10 - 40 tables
  • Spas and resorts 5 - 20 rooms

Offices and plants

Industrial automation solutions

  • Offices 2 - 20 rooms to call peons
  • Shop floor 5 - 100 machine points to call
  • Custom design systems for factories
  • Remote to control for doors, traffic lights

Building alarm systems

Residential products

  • Emergency panic alarm for employees
  • Alarms for old age people at homes
  • Wireless hidden alarms buttons for banks
  • Wireless siren for building security

Defence security and factories

Industrial wireless automation

  • Long range alarms for over 4Kms signalling
  • Panic alarm buttons for security check post
  • Motion sensing alarm trigger systems
  • Customised defence solutions

Air monitoring equipments

Residential, commercial and smart cities

  • Air monitor to check quality of air
  • Automatic control HVAC solutions
  • Electronic temperature controllers
  • Weather monitoring systems (in future)