FORBIX SEMICON, Electronic Automation Company

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FORBIX SEMICON is an electronic automation product design and manufacturing company, delivering electronic automation solutions to various different market segments.  Our electronic products find a place in medical equipment segment, industrial automation sector, public systems, defence, home automation and many more.

At FORBIX SEMICON, we have done years of research to design and develop electronic products that will ease your day to day life. We have developed solutions that work on wireless technology, which needs no installation, is robust and long lasting, has aesthetic looks and above all, “serves a purpose”.  A purpose, to magnify your efficiency at work or at home. To keep you relaxed safe and secured.  Our main product line comprises of short and long distance wireless automation solutions and air quality monitors.

FORBIX SEMICON estd. in 2009 is a brand of trust and reliability.

FORBIX SEMICON Wireless calling systemFORBIX SEMICON Air Quality Monitor

FORBIX SEMICON Wireless Alarm Systems

FORBIX SEMICON Wireless Nurse Call System

About us

FORBIX SEMICON, is an electronic automation product design and manufacturing company

All FORBIX SEMICON electronic automation products made in India

FORBIX SEMICON is a privately held electronic automation product company estd. 2009. Our products are a result of indigenous design and manufacturing at our factory.  We have many different types of electronic automation solutions for Industrial, commercial and building automation applications.

Our main electronic automation products comprises of:

  • Wireless calling systems
  • Air monitors
  • Wireless alarm systems

At FORBIX SEMICON we also undertake complete turnkey solutions as well.

FORBIX SEMICON products stand out of the league in the following respects:

  • We provide wireless solution, this means no installation cost & time involved and units can be mounted to any location at ease
  • All our products are modular and scalable, means system can be expanded to cater future requirements
  • Low / no maintenance cost – our system have been successfully installed and running at various different places from last decade
  • Reliable solutions – we make products that consumers & end user can trust upon its flawless operation and function
  • Cost Effective – we always keep the customers budget in mind to afford a product. Therefore, we design products that are cheap, affordable and low cost
  • Short, medium and long range communication products working on Radio Frequency (RF) technology, which does not need line of sight to send/receive signals
  • All FORBIX SEMICON products are solely designed and manufactured at our facility in Bangalore, India. This helps us to have a tight control on quality and lead time of delivery
  • We have a sales team in various different parts of India (including Bangalore). We also have distributors in Europe too