Nurse call, wireless panic alarm, air monitor, wireless traffic lights, electronic automation systems

Wireless nurse call systems

Wireless nurse call system is an efficient and reliable mechanism for to summon duty nurses from bed. Moreover, this feature has now become a necessity for modern day hospitals. FORBIX SEMICON nurse call system operate on latest cutting edge wireless technology. However, the sets need no installation or wiring. Furthermore, there is no future maintenance associated, means no AMC (annual maintenance cost). Moreover, there is no limitation to the range of communication. This is because of the signal booster (repeaters) that enhances signal range.

FORBIX SEMICON wireless nurse call system

Wireless nurse call system

nurse call system

Long range transmitter receiver

Wireless long range transmitter receiver solutions enables machine to machine interaction. Wireless remote controller can not control electronic machines from a far distance. Moreover, it is possible to switch or operate any electronic machine. Whether it is pump, motor, PLC, lights, siren, alarms or even electromechanical equipments. The range of communication is 2-3 kms. The battery operated remote can trigger 11 relay contactor points. Each contactor is capable of driving an electrical load.

FORBIX SEMICON wireless transmitter receiver

Long range transmitter receiver

long range transmitter

Border patrolling wireless alarms

FORBIX SEMICON produces world best border patrolling wireless systems. Because, designed especially for the security forces and defence personnel deployed in patrolling. Hence, in an event of any panic or infiltration, security forces need to press the remote alarm button. Thus, this sends radio signals to the central control room, thus notifying them the post number. Moreover, it is a device to alert control room and supporting forces can help.

FORBIX SEMICON border patrolling and outdoor sirens

Border patrolling and outdoor sirens

border patrol alarm

Wireless panic alarm systems

FORBIX SEMICON factory produces 100+ different variants of wireless panic alarm systems. Wireless panic alarm system set consists of remote controllers and sirens. However panic button can activate with a group of wireless sirens. Either of remotes can trigger sirens all across the premises as well. Moreover, intermediate repeater boosters have the capability improve the signal to noise ratio. Hence, this mechanism, helps in improving the range of communication to any distance. Therefore, practically there is no limitation the range of communication.

FORBIX SEMICON wireless panic alarm system

Wireless panic alarm system

panic alarm

Wireless peon call bell

Wireless peon call devices operate on wireless technology. Every officer owns a handy remote controller with himself. Whereas, the peon room has the receiver indicator unit. To call the peon officer needs to press the remote. As a result, the corresponding indicator starts beeping. Thus this way, an officer can summon the peon. Moreover, the peon call system comes in variations of 2 to 6 calling points. However, the signal range improves with repeater signal booster.

FORBIX SEMICON wireless peon call bell

Wireless peon call bell

peon call bell

Wireless token system for OPD

Wireless token dialer system enables doctors to call for next patient in dispensaries. It is helpful in banks and public offices as well. Our design team has developed 4 solutions for various market segment. 1) 1-remote call bell. 2) Remote operated token increment/decrement. 3) Keypad dialler for token number. 4) Automatic token management system with token dispenser and 32″ LCD TV.

FORBIX SEMICON wireless token system

Wireless token system

wireless token system

Wireless long range alarm systems

FORBIX SEMICON products specializes in high end wireless transmitter and receivers. Moreover, the wireless solutions find its use in various industrial, commercial and defence applications. Mostly factories, warehouses, guest houses, hospitals, defence and security forces. Further, the range of communication varies from few 100’s of meters to even many kilometers. However, the range enhances with the use of intermediate repeater (signal boosters). Boosters catch less, weak and feeble signals boosts and re-transmit it further. Thus increasing the quality of signals.

FORBIX SEMICON wireless long range transmitter receiver

Wireless long range transmitter receiver

wireless alarms

Restaurant waiter calling system

FORBIX SEMICON restaurant waiter calling system is a very popular solution among restaurants. The set consists of 10 to 32 remote controllers. A remote is rather for every table. A common receiver display console stays at the kitchen or reception. Moreover, the remotes have 3 buttons. First, to call a waiter. Second, to request for a cheque/bill. And finally to cancel the call. This solution improves the customer service and hence sales.

FORBIX SEMICON restaurant waiter calling systems

Restaurant waiter calling systems

waiter call button

Wireless traffic light controller

Wireless traffic light controller is a customized set of solutions. The traffic light controller operates on wireless technology. Applications involve, controller traffic light using a remote controller for pedestrian crossing. Or like controlling vehicles and aeroplanes from ATC towers at airports. Even like generic cross road traffic light junction. These traffic light controllers also find its place in factories and industries.

FORBIX SEMICON traffic light controller

Wireless traffic light controller

traffic controller

Air quality monitors, PM2.5, CO2, LPG, VOC, HCHO,°C, %rH

Air quality monitors have become a necessity in modern day homes, because of increasing pollution. FORBIX SEMICON air quality monitors observes the quality of air we breathe. Thus it helps identifying airborne impurities like dust PM2.5, carbon dioxide (CO2). It is even possible however, to check even obnoxious gases like VOCs or Formaldehyde. Moreover, these monitors also have temperature and humidity checks.

FORBIX SEMICON air quality monitors

Air quality monitors

air monitors

FORBIX SEMICON, electronic products and wireless automation solutions

FORBIX SEMICON Co. an electronic products and wireless automation company, estd. in 2009. The company produces more than 400 electronics products for various market segments. FORBIX SEMICON solutions deployed at 10,000+ locations across the world, and growing. Because the sets work on radio frequency wireless technology, it needs no wiring. Furthermore, the products are reliable and working for almost a decade. Moreover, the wireless solutions need no installation. And finally, they are robust and maintenance free. FORBIX SEMICON products and solutions, not only cater the necessity of people. But it also, gives them the sense of reliability.

First of all, FORBIX SEMICON electronic products involve wireless automation at its core. In addition, the factory produces many other electronic products. Moreover, FORBIX SEMICON designers keep interacting with customers to develop better solutions. Thus, wireless automation has now revolutionized the way electronic products operate. Hence, the world is now seeing the benefits of wireless automation solutions. And finally, reliability and easy of use has been the foremost goal of the electronic designs.