Air quality control systems

The system comprises of a wireless sensors and a control panel unit to adjust the ambient air quality in a room depending on user parameters.  The sensor monitor consists of CO2 sensor (300 – 5000 ppm), temperature sensor (0 – 50 deg C) and humidity sensors (0% to 100% rH).  The sensor unit has an inbuilt transmitter module that constantly send the sensor information to the receiver control unit.  The communication happens over wireless RF technology.

User prefer the upper and lower watermark level for every sensor.  First the receiver get the sensor values.  It then matches to the watermark levels.  Depending on the programmed condition a particular electrical relay turns ON/OFF.  The relays serves as actuators for an electrical device.  Electrical devices like cooling (exhaust) fans, heater, humidifier etc. connects to the relay output.  Once the watermark values set; the air quality control systems takes over and automatically turns ON/OFF individual relays to maintain the room condition to the desired levels.

The air quality control system presently comes in the model for monitoring and controlling CO2, temperature and humidity.  At FORBIX SEMICON we have delivered models that can sense VOC contents (viz. Benzene etc.) and dust particles as well to our customers.  These models have multiple sensor units that interact with the central control panel over wireless communication.