Border patrol wireless alarm

Border patrol wireless alarm system is a boon to the security solution. The system comprises of long range remote controllers, sirens and displays. Every patrolling party of security guards carries one remote controller along with them. In an event of intruder intercepted the guard need to press the alarm button. This will alert the centralized security room. Following to which necessary action is possible, like sending reinforcement. The range of communication is around 2-3 kilometers in open line of sight.

The border patrol wireless alarm is helpful for border security forces & home guards. Moreover, security guards vigilant at factory fencing areas also can take benefit. The remote controllers operate on 9 volt battery. The life of the battery depends on the usage of the remotes. Therefore, user should turn off the alarm button after 10-15 seconds. This avoids interference with other remote controllers with the partner patrolling party.  Moreover, it saves battery and improves the operating life.


Border patrol wireless alarm parts (2-3 kilometers)

Long range remote (FBXHH01)

The remote controller stays with the patrolling security forces. When they foresee a potential threat or intrusion, they should press the alarm button. The alarm button is RED colored and is on the top left corner of the remote controller. The button is latch type. As soon as the button gets pressed, blue color light glows for around 3 seconds. This is the bootup time of the remote controller internal circuits. Following to this the blue light starts blinking. This blinking indicates that the RF signal transmission. It is an ALERT signal to the centralized security office. After around 15 seconds of transmission, the alarm button should turned off. Turning the button clockwise, releases the latch, thereby, turning off the signal. Turning off the alarm signal is essential to avoid signal interference. It allows, other remotes to send signals in case of emergency.

Display receiver (FBXCSL02C)

The display receiver indicates the calling remote controller number. This unit is very essential to understand which patrolling party needs reinforcement. The remote once called continues to display the number till reset. An extra low range remote controller is also available, that helps in resetting. On bootup, the number counts. The turnaround time from the remote pressing the alarm to the display is around 2-3 seconds. The reaction time may sometimes vary depending on the terrain and environmental conditions. The display unit should mount at an elevated location. Increasing the height of the receiver display, improves the signal reception capacity. When more than 1 remote calls, the number rotates in round robin fashion.

Wireless siren (FBXS05)

Wireless siren alerts the security forces at the centralized room with a loud alarm. The alarm sound is 118 decibels. It sound is audible to around 600-800 meters. The wireless siren should mount at an elevated location. The siren operates on 12 volt supply. Appropriate 110-220vac to 12vdc converter adapter is available along with the set. It is possible to reset the siren by either turning off the power or by an extra low range remote controller. The wireless siren comes with an extension 1 meter antenna wire. Extending the antenna wire vertical towards the sky improves reception range.


Border patrol wireless alarm parts (200-400 meters)

Remote and siren

An alternative border patrol wireless alarm comprises of transmitter receivers for 200-400 meters. Because not all requirements are span over a kilometer.  It rather has a lower range than the previous models.  But comes very handy for small compounds and premises.  The handheld transmitter can send signals for no more than 200-400 meters. The range is for open line of sight conditions. The set of receiver siren acknowledges the signals from these remote controllers. The sirens alert guards by blowing sound of 108 decibels.  Moreover, it can also scare away the intruders at times.

Remote controller (FBXHH02)

The handheld remote controller operates on 9volt battery. Pressing the ALARM button activates the siren from a distance of 200-400 meters. It is advisable to press the remote controller alarm button for 3-4 seconds. Pressing it long improves the range of communication. It is possible to install intermediate repeaters for enhancing the range of communication. The remote controller antenna must point to the sky for better range.

Wireless siren (FBXS01)

The wireless siren produces 108 decibel loud oscillating noise. Pressing the remote activates the wireless siren. The sound is audible from 100-300 meters (depending on environmental noise). The power needs to be reset to deactivate the siren. It is possible to operate a siren from more than one remote controllers. Usually the siren is at the control or guard room. The patrolling security group when press the alarm, alerts the guard in the security room.