Nurse Call System Data Logger

Wireless nurse call system data logger

FORBIX SEMICON present wireless nurse call system data logger.  It is a simple yet, sophisticated system with facility of continuous data logging facility.  Patients can call nurse when needed by pressing a remote controller.  Nurse is able to see the calling room number on the receiver display.  The receiver display console connects to a nearby computer via USB cable.  The calling room number is also displayed on the computer screen.  The data logging software continuously logs the incoming call time.  After the nurse attends the patient the time is also recorded on the computer.

Nurse call system data logger has the following advantages:

  • It continuously records the incoming call and attended call time
  • It records daily happenings in a log file.  The log file created on everyday basis.  A new directory with present day date has the logfile.txt
  • At the end of every day or month or year the recorded data is retrieved for profiling by the staff
  • This system is a foolproof mechanism to make sure that nurses are attending the patient’s room on time
  • The attending turnaround time is possible to calculate for every call
  • The system uses computer hard disk memory.  Thus, practically enormous amount of data storage is possible

Data logging on existing nurse call system is an extra feature added.  Hence, it increases the productivity and time management of the attending nurses.  Most of all, it makes sure that the hospital is providing quality service to its patients.