GSM pump controller

GSM pump controller is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use system.  This system is majorly used in industrial plants, factories, agricultural irrigation purposes.  It comes with a variety of single phase and 3-phase electronic control mechanism.

2 models available:

FBXMC05: Receiver unit with 5 amps potential free relay output

  • This receiver unit can be used to trigger external motor / pump starter
  • SMS to start / stop motor
  • Manual override to start / stop motor
  • SMS based SIM card registration
  • Receiver message confirmation with motor present status

FBXMC02: Receiver unit with 20amps potential free relay output on all 3 phases

  • SMS based pump ON or OFF
  • Manual pump ON or OFF
  • Acknowledgement SMS from the machine to inform the pump condition
  • Furthermore, SMS based status to know the present condition of the pump
  • Automatic phase checker for all 3 phases (all phases should be alive, only then pump would turn ON)
  • Automatic message (optional) from the machine to inform when electricity resumes
  • Indication on all 3 phases (active / inactive)
Mobile GSM motor pump controller

Mobile GSM motor pump controller

GSM Pump Controller

GSM Pump Controller

GSM pump controller mobile commands:

*PUMPON#    Turn ON the pump

*PUMPOFF#  Turn OFF the pump

*STATUS#       Informs the present status of the pump

Either of the following status message format:

  • If the pump is on and running, then, PUMP IS ON 1Ph-Ok, 2ph-Ok, 3ph-Ok, Mode: Auto  (Indicates that the pump is ON and all phases are OK, GSM mode) 
  • Motor off condition, PUMP IS OFF 1Ph-Ok, 2ph-OFF, 3ph-Ok, Mode: Auto       (Indicates that pump is OFF because Blue phase is OFF)
  • PUMP IS OFF 1Ph-OFF, 2ph-Ok, 3ph-Ok, Mode: Auto       (Indicates that pump is OFF because Red phase is OFF)
  • PUMP IS ON 1Ph-ON, 2ph-Ok, 3ph-Ok, Mode: Manual (Indicates that pump is ON in manual mode)

Whenever electricity resumes (especially in farm lands), there is an automatic messaging system to the use informing the status of the pump.  This is an optional feature and is ONLY enabled on custom order basis.

GSM pump controller

GSM pump controller