Long range alarm

Long range alarm solution is a complete set of products for open area security. Moreover, consumers are quite impressed after using the long range alarm from past many years. Besides, the long range alarm solution gives a feeling of security for sensitive areas.

Applications and customers.

The majority of customers are from border security forces, army, and factory security.  Consumers use it for vast oil field security and even for open factories for perimeter security.  Furthermore, it is possible to use the solution at any location that need alarm button at a place and sirens at remtoe locations.

Problem statement.

Security needs to alert control room and other posts, in an event of emergency. The distance of the control room and other posts are three to four kilometers away.

Components of the long range alarm:

  • High power long range transmitter
  • Siren alarms of various loudness
  • Panic alarm push button
  • Handheld remotes to trigger alarm

Solution provided.

  • Security room has a long range alarm transmitter. Attached to it is a panic alarm button. On press of the panic button, alarm sounds in the control room
  • An alternate solution is also provided to activate the alarm. A time when the security personnel is not present near the panic button. He can press a handheld remote control to trigger the alarm
  • Control room has a display on which the security room number is visible
  • The complete system works on latest RF wireless technology. Neither any installation nor any future maintenance needed

Possible configurations for wireless alarm systems

The long range alarm system is a modular and dynamic configurable system. Furthermore, it has various possible configuration format to suit customer requirements. Because the components are modular, consumers are free the architecture. The system not only gives a flexibility to the consumers, but also to integrators.

Long range alarm transmitter (model: FBXTX01)

The long range wireless transmitter is the dominant factor for exorbitant high range. The transmitter sends signals at compound frequencies. This improves the range of communication. The span is around a couple of kilometers in urban city area. While, in open fields, the range improves to almost 6-7 Kms. The transmitter wires to a panic button switch. When someone presses the panic button the transmitter activates itself. It then conveys the alarm signal to a distant receiver. The signal propagation happens over air. Customized digital packets form the panic alarm information. For getting best results suggested to mount the transmitter at 10-12 feet height. Moreover, the neighbouring areas should be clean and open for effective transmission. Extending the antenna wire to even further height improves the range.  The transmitter unit comes in various channels (2 to 11). One to one, or one-to-many or even many-to-many transmitter receiver combinations are possible.


  • Single channel and multi-channel transmitter
  • 6-8 Kms range of communication (in open LoS)
  • 2-3 Kms in urban areas
  • Operating frequency 380-480MHz
  • Operating voltage 12VDC @ 500-800mA
  • With / without weatherproof housing (as per requirement)

Wireless siren

The receiver unit comprises of radio receiver unit and a high decibel siren. When the transmitter triggers and transmits alarm signals, it reaches the receiver. Following to this, the unit decodes the conveyed message and turns on the alarm siren. The receiver siren alarm comes 2 variants. First a siren with 108 decibel loud sound, whereas the other unit’s sound is as high as 118 decibel volume. Due to the blinking synchronization signal user can check the range of the receiver. For improving range of communication, the receiver should mount at height. The extended antenna cable helps in improving the range even further, if elevated. The reaction time of the panic button press to siren active is less than a second.


  • 108 and 118 db siren alarm
  • Sync indicator to check if machine is in range
  • Operating voltage 12VDC @ 500-800mA

Remote alarms

Yet another method to trigger the transmitter, is by remote control. Situations where the security guard is not present near the panic button, he can press a remote to alert. The comparative range of remote is less that of the long range transmitter. The remote propagates signal to a distance of not more than 100-120 meters in open areas. The remote signal triggers a contactor relay receiver. This in turn commands the transmitter to send distress signals. The contactor relay receiver connects to the transmitter with wire. This alternate solution of triggering the siren is very useful for security, at times. Moreover, it is possible to connect more than one remote controller to a set of transmitters.


  • Single port receiver contactor to trigger the transmitter
  • Moreover, the unit operates on power supply from the transmitter
  • Therefore, no external power supply needed
  • Press call button on remote control to trigger the transmitter and hence the alarm
  • Press cancel button on the remote to deactivate the alarm

Alarm push-button (model: FBXB01C)

The alarm push button triggers the transmitter unit. The unit has a red alarm button. On an event of panic or emergency, a person needs to press the alarm button. It connects to the transmitter FBXTX01A unit with a wire. The length of the wire should not be more than 8-10 meters.  Furthermore, it is possible to connect more than panic alarm push button to the same transmitter.


Wall mounted alarm push button, visible from a long distance
Moreover, the unit operates on power supply from the transmitter
Therefore, no external power supply needed
Press RED button to alert the security
Rotate the button clockwise to release and stop alert

10 port relay receiver8 port relay receiverHandheld transmitter battery operated