Nurse call remotes (FBX521), range 20-30 meters indoors 
  Bed switch call bell  (FBX525), range 20-30 meters indoors 
  Nurse station  (FBXCSL02A), supports 250 remotes 
  Repeater (booster), additional 20-30m or 50-60m  

Wireless nurse call system for hospitals

Nurse call system is a set of devices that helps patients to call nurse staff or attendant in distress. By mere press of a remote button, patients can now summon nurse on duty. This is a basic and essential necessity of any hospitals or clinic.  The innovative solution accepted and appreciated by over 10K customer worldwide.  The error free functioning of nurse call systems from last 9 years has earned the confidence of many.

Primary components of nurse call system:

  1. Patient call buttons: handheld remotes, wall mount bed switches and washroom buttons
  2. Nurse station display receiver, where the calling bed number shows up
  3. Signaling between the patient call buttons and nurse station happens over wireless protocol. Boosters helps to increase the range of communication
  4. Supplementary door and room indicators helps in locating the patient room as well

FORBIX SEMICON made a technological development in producing the world’s simplest nurse call. The wireless nurse call system (as the name suggests), works on wireless technology. The units need no wiring, nor any installation. All the components of wireless nurse call system are modular. The seamless integration enables the solution to scale as per need of the clinic.

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  • No wiring
  • Installation  not needed
  • Maintenance free devices
  • Modular units
  • Works on wireless technology
  • Scalable system

Calling remotes and the improved versions of nurse station are basic building blocks. It is possible to add any number of repeater booster for range enhancement. Hence, in practical scenarios, there is no limitation to the range of communication. Moreover, the calling points in the call systems is scalable and expandable in future. Further, the future expansion does not alter the existing system. FORBIX SEMICON nurse call units are working from past one decade. The quality itself speaks for the reliability and robustness of the system. The nurse call communication units deployed at more than 10,000 locations worldwide.

Nurse call display

The console receiver display exhibits the calling bed number along with alert sound. The display shows the corresponding bed or patient number when remote pressed. There is no wiring needed between the patient call button and the nurse station. During an event of panic, patient presses the call button to alert nurse on duty. There are 3 variants available for the display console depending on customer requirement. Not only numeric but also alpha-numeric numbers are possible on the display. Around 250 calling points can get configured to a display console. The 2.5 inch, 7-segments are visible from even 50 meters far. Many hospitals use more than one receiver suitable locations as well.

Nurse call button variants

Remote controller (FBX521)
  • Handy and lightweight remotes
  • Battery operated devices (battery life 1-2 years)
  • Replaceable battery, type: 23A/12VDC
  • It is possible to fix the remotes to the walls or beds as well
Nurse call button (FBX525)
  • Wall mount calling point
  • Operating voltage 12VDC
  • Needs power supply point (adapter supplied)
  • Comes with 1 meters extended bed button switch
Wall mount code blue (FBX540)
  • Wall mount calling point (IP65 enclosure)
  • Additional alarm button for CODE BLUE
  • Operating voltage 12VDC
  • Needs power supply point (adapter supplied)
  • Comes with 1 meters extended bed button switch
Nurse call bell (FBX545)
  • Wall mount calling point
  • Operating voltage 12VDC
  • External adapter type or battery power supply
  • FBX545B models comes with high power transmitters
Door indicator (FBXDM01)

The door module indicator is a device with blinks and beeps to inform attendant on press of a remote.  Usually, located at the top of the door of the ward to patient’s room.  This is an alternative and quicker way to inform attendant / nurses passing by the corridor.

  • A particular remote or a set of remotes (from a room can alert door module)
  • Works on 12 volt supply (220VAC to 12VDC adapter supplied)
  • Range of communication 20-30 meters (indoors)
  • Some hospitals it equips as toilet alert indicator
Room indicator (FBXRM01)

The room module indicator device receiver blinks and beeps to inform attendant on press of a remote.  Usually, located inside the nurse room or corridor or sometimes at doctor’s room.  This serves as an alternative way to inform duty nurses.

  • A set of remotes preconfigured to the room module
  • Works on 12 volt supply
  • It has blinker and a beeping sound (audible from even 10-20 meters)
  • Some hospitals it equips as toilet alert indicator as well (outside the room)
Repeater booster (FBXCSRPT01/02)

Practically there is no limitation to the range of communication.  Repeaters (boosters) has the capability to receive remote signal and forward.  The forwarded signal has higher SNR (signal to noise ration).  Thereby, increasing the range of communication.  It is possible to have any number of intermediate repeaters.  Without repeaters the range of communication is around 20-30 meters indoors.  Whereas, outdoors the range increases to 100-120 meters.  There are 2 types of repeaters:

  • Normal power (without antenna) [boots 20-30 meters]
  • High power (with antenna) [boosts 40-60 meters]

Works on 12 volt supply (220VAC to 12VDC adapter supplied)

CodeBlue receiver (FBXCSL02S)

Code blue receiver display has blue color revolving light on the top of the unit.  On press of the alarm button from FBX540 wall mount patient call bell, alarm turns on.  This is an indicator for emergency in the patient’s room. Evey floor having the nurse station should have a code blue receiver to alert on duty doctors. The receiver unit comes in 2,3 and 4 digit console models. A set of remotes for a particular floor or ward preconfigured to the code blue receiver.

  • Works on 12 volt supply
  • The revolving light is visible from a very long distance
  • In an event of emergency, code blue gets active and that alerts hospital staff and doctors