Panic alarm wireless system

FORBIX SEMICON wireless panic alarm system is a full proof method to secure a building. The panic alarm system consists of panic alarm buttons and sirens. These panic alarm buttons located at rather, strategic locations inside a building premises. Moreover, high volume siren receivers spread across the building. While there is an event of an emergency, a person can alert the security personnel by mere pressing of a button. The panic alarm system also has provision for handheld remote control units. Therefore, on press of remote controller, the building staff gets alerted. Then, respective panic alarm button point shows up on the receiver console. It is possible to have more than one receiver consoles for the staff to know the panic point. Moreover, there is no limitation to the range of communication. And finally, boosters can help enhancing the signals kept at intermediate locations.
  • No wiring
  • Installation  not needed
  • Maintenance free devices
  • Modular units
  • Works on wireless technology
  • Scalable system
  • High volume sirens
  • Wall mount or hand held panic buttons

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Panic alarm button (FBX521B)

FORBIX SEMICON Co. has developed panic alarm system that is a boon to the building security system.  Panic alarm button is an integral part of the panic alarm system.  Each panic alarm button, mounted at strategic locations inside a building premises. In a situation of emergency or panic, a person needs to press the red alarm button. The whole building and security will get an alert, with various sirens and alarms.  As a result, it gives a sense of security and satisfaction in the mind of residents.
  • Wireless communication between the alarm buttons and sirens
  • It is possible to have many panic alarm buttons across the building
  • The systems works on 12VDC (220VAC to a 12VDC) adapter provided
  • The range of communication 20-30 meters indoors and 100-120m outdoors

Panic siren 108 decibels (FBXS01)

The panic alarm siren blows whenever any panic button gets pressed from any location. Furthermore, the panic alarm button location can be anywhere in the building. The siren configures to any panic alarm button all through the building. The loudness is 108db. Moreover, the panic alarm connects to the buttons over wireless radio frequency.
  • Wireless communication between the alarm buttons and sirens
  • It is possible to mount many panic sirens all across the building
  • Works on 12VDC, system needs external power supply (for better reliability)

Panic alarm 118 decibels (FBXS02)

An alternative high volume panic alarm used many times to alert security. The loudness is rather higher, 118 decibels. Moreover, the siren sound is much like a sound of an ambulance. These loud sirens preferred outdoors to alert security or nearby fire station. As a result, factories and defense forces use these sirens. The range of communication is boundless and extends over many square kilometers.
  • High volume sirens, audible for around a 1Km
  • These panic siren gets trigger from the alarm push button over wireless
  • Works on 12VDC, system needs external power supply (for better reliability)

Display (FBXCSL02S/03S/04S)

This panic alarm indicator display shows the calling point alarm button number. This unit has a 2-digit display as well as a revolving blue light attached. In the case of emergency, the panic button number shows up and the blue light rotating light starts. Moreover, this unit is usually located at the security or guard’s room, to get an alert.
  • Wireless communication between the alarm buttons and indicators
  • 2-digit digital display visible from more than 50 meters distance
  • Also revolving light facility to alert security, even from a far distance
  • Works on 12VDC, system needs external power supply (for better reliability)

Remote control (FBX521)

The handheld remote controllers is another way of alerting the sirens.  People in panic or emergency press remote to alert security.  The location number on the remote shows up on the display console.  The remotes are handy yet lightweight.  Moreover, the remotes are battery operated.  While the battery life is 1-2 year, even feeble battery can send signals to the receiver at times.
  • No wiring and completely wireless
  • Battery operated devices (battery life 1-2 years)
  • Replaceable battery, type: 23A/12VDC
  • It is possible to fix the remotes to the walls or tables

Repeater (booster) for range enhancement ( FBXCSRPT01/02)

As a result of repeaters, there is no limitation to the range of communication.  Because repeaters (boosters) has the capability to receive remote signal and forward.  Since the forwarded signal has higher SNR (signal to noise ration).  Therefore, the range of communication multiplies.  In addition, it is possible to have any number of intermediate repeaters.  Without repeaters, the range of communication is around 20-30 meters indoors.  Whereas, outdoors the range increases to 100-120 meters.  There are 2 types of repeaters:
  • Normal power (without antenna) [boots 20-30 meters]
  • Whereas, high power (with antenna) [boosts 40-60 meters]

Applications of the panic alarm system:

The community alarm system.  FORBIX SEMICON panic alarm system is for home and building security.  Every house in the community can have a remote controller.  Person the house needs to press the remote controller in case of emergency or panic.  This will alert the security guard and even the neighbours

Building panic alarm system. Furthermore, it is helpful for places like earthquake or fire or intrusion or even smoke. More than 1 siren at different locations can also alert residents of the whole apartment

Personal and office security alert. Because of its simplicity, the wireless panic alarm system is very popular in shops, banks, departmental stores.  Moreover, in these locations, the remote controller hides at a strategic location.  In case of emergency, a person pressing the remote controller can alert neighbors. Even employees in offices can carry remote controllers to alert security during threat

Essential components of panic alarm system:

Remote controller.  These are calling unit in houses.  While pressing the CALL button on remote an alert sounds on the receiver

Siren alarm.  These are receiver units equipped with either 108 or 118 decibel volume alarms.  The 108db is audible for around 100 meters whereas, 118db is audible for 600-800 meters (and even more)

Display receiver console.  The receiver display is responsible to indicate the remote controller number.  Moreover, this unit usually is at the security room.  As a matter of fact, at many installations, people have placed them in corridors.  So that the calling remote number can be visible to neighbours as well

Repeater (boosters).  This is the an essential component of the panic alarm system.  The range of communication of the remote controllers is 20-30 meters indoors, while 100-120 meters outdoors.  Because, remotes alone cannot to cover the whole building premises.  Hence, repeater acts as range boosters.  Therefore, for reliable wireless communication repeaters suggested on every floor.  Since this boosts the range of communication.  Moreover, using many repeaters in series helps in achieving long distance communication