Restaurant calling system

Restaurant calling system is a wireless solution to call waiters with the press of a button. Dining tables have a remote controller each. On press of call button, respective number displays on the receiver console. It is possible to simultaneous displays in a restaurant or cafe’. Since there is no wiring involved, the units does not need any wiring or installation. Neither does it need any future maintenance. Around 250 (max) remotes may exist. Whenever there is more than one table trying to summon a waiter, the number alternates on the display. Signals can take a detour and broadcast via repeaters. As a result, it helps in increasing the range of communication.  And finally, the restaurant calling system helps in improving the customer service and satisfaction.

Receiver display

The digital display is the unit which shows the calling table number. The displays are bright enough even for daylight viewing. The range of remotes is anywhere between 20-30 meters. In open garden restaurant type the range is around 100-120 meters. The display fabricates with ABS smooth plastic material. It is elegant yet time robust. The receiver display posses a buzzing audible sound to alert the waiters. After attending a table the waiter can cancel the calling number at the display as well. This is an alternative method for the cancellation. The unit operates on a 12VDC power.

Table remotes

Wireless remote controllers are with customers. Every table has a remote controller with a specific number engraved. Hence, every table has an individual number. On press of call button, corresponding number displays on the receiver. Moreover, the waiter gets an alert sound as well. The waiter or steward on duty then rushes to the respective calling table. Once attended, the waiter presses the cancel button on the remote. This disengages the call from the display. The operation and functionality of the units is very simple and does not need any prior training. It is possible to fasten or secure the remote to the table body as well. The units are waterproof and hence wiping with a wet towel is of no concern.

Repeater booster

A sophisticated, rather important component of the restaurant calling system is a booster. The repeater is responsible to catch remote signals and forward it to the display. In places of blind spots, where suppose the remotes are not in range a nearby repeater helps. In addition, the repeater booster catches feeble remote signals and reproduce the signal on air. This improves the signal to noise ratio. And hence, improves the range of communication. The internal circuit has a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver identifies a particular remote signal and the transmitter forwards the same. It is possible to mount more than one repeaters as well.