Air Quality Monitor PM2.5, CO2, Temp, Humidity

Indoor air quality monitor (PM2.5 + CO2 + °C + %rH)

Everyday increasing pollution is costing human health. Air quality monitor is the device that measures the level of pollution. This is a meter device that checks for the concentration of PM2.5 and CO2. Dust PM2.5 is particulate matter and Carbon dioxide is (CO2). These are the primary source of pollutants indoors.
  • PM2.5 dust particles (air pollution)
  • CO2 [Carbon Dioxide] (stale air)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
This indoor air quality monitor checks for pollution concentration in room.  Pollution in the room increases because of many reasons.  Vehicle exhaust, industrial smoke, human breath, smog etc.
  • Dust PM2.5 readings 10-1400 µg/m³
  • CO2 concentration in 0-10,000 ppm
  • Temperature 0°C to 70°C
  • Humidity 0-100 %rH

Pollution monitoring machine

This pollution monitoring machine is a combination of various sensing elements.  Primarily, dust PM2.5, carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity.  Readings corresponding to each of the air quality parameters shows on the LCD screen.  The unit has individual monitors for each of these pollution components as well.  This monitor can collectively showcase dust PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity levels.
A major proportion of air pollution in the atmosphere is because of dust particles.  Moreover, humans exhale carbon dioxide.  Hence, CO2 level increases in a room with more people present for a longer period of time.  Further, dust consists of vehicle exhaust, human body dead issues, mould growths, pollens.

Corrective actions under poor and alarm conditions:

  • If CO2 levels have increased in a room, then open windows and doors to allow in fresh air.  Allowing fresh air will reduce the carbon dioxide level.  But, it might also increase the level of dust pollution in the room.  Many a times, even outdoor air is more polluted because of vehicles etc.
  • Usually to control the dust pollution level in room air purifiers used.  There are alternative ways to reduce dust particles concentration in a room as well.  Negative ionizer, HEPA filter and carbon filter to name a few.  Most of the air purifiers have these technologies inbuilt in the machine
  • Furthermore, the indoor air quality monitor also shows ambient temperature and humidity.  A person feels comfortable with appropriate levels of temperature and humidity

Technical description of indoor air quality monitor:

The indoor air quality monitor machine operates of 12VDC supply. A 110-220VAC to 12VDC compatible adapter provided along with the unit.  The device can also operates on external 12VDC battery, to make it portable.  Many users attach external Lead-acid batteries to make the unit portable.  The monitor is capable of operating 24×7.
It has an elegant LCD to display the air pollution readings.  The LCD is either lemon green or bluish white color.  The aesthetic looks of the unit makes it suitable for drawing rooms and offices.
The carbon dioxide sensor is a high quality NDIR (Non Dispersive Infra Red) sensor.  Whereas, PM2.5 dust monitoring sensor works on optical scattering technology.  Both of these sensors gives a very accurate reading of the ambient air condition.
Though the device is for indoor use purpose.  But, many users use for outdoor air monitoring as well. This is possible with enclosure and appropriate housing.  This housing should be capable of withstanding outdoor weather conditions.