Token display

Wireless token display system

Wireless token display is a simple yet efficient solution for handling token numbers. The system used at a pharmaceutical store, bank, cooperative office. Likewise places like many customers come to see consultation rooms token display helps.  Operation of the system very easy. Moreover, the keypads and the display communicate over wireless. A number dialled on the keypad transmitter shows on the display. Furthermore, the units have automatic increment and decrement facility.

Possible configurations:

Both the transmitter keypad and the receiver display runs on 12VDC supply. Moreover, appropriate adapters provided along with the operating kit. The range of communication is 20-30 meters. But it is possible to enhance the range with boosters and repeaters. Further, it is possible to have configurations like one keypad and many displays. A few custom designs also have provision of many keypad transmitter and 1 display.

Wireless token control system set comprises of:

  • Transmitter keypad to enter number
  • Receiver display console to show number

Transmitter keypad features:

  • Simple Button functions
  • One button increment and decrement
  • “0-9” to enter the token number
  • # to automatically call next number
  • * to automatically call previous number

Operating voltage: 12VDC
Adapter 220VAC to 12VDC provided (possible to attach external battery as well)

Receiver Console Unit:

The receiver console unit comes in many varieties of displays viz. 2-digits, 3-digits, and even 4-digits.  The calling number displays on the console screen unit along with a ding-dong sound.


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  • OPD, dispensaries where there are many patient to visit a doctor.  The attending nurse can control the crowd by issuing a token number to every individual.  Then types the token number on the keypad and the same number displays (that is visible to all patients).  Following to which the patients can follow to the room
  • Bank or ticket counter where there are many customers waiting in a queue.  Hence, after issuing a token for each customer, the attendant can type NEXT on the keypad control panel.  Finally, this will call the next customer
  • Self service food courts and counters. Whenever, deliverable package is ready, the receptionist presses the token number. Hence, this informs the customer to pickup the package from the counter