VOC Monitor


VOC Monitor

FORBIX SEMICON VOC monitor checks for the presence of volatile organic compounds in the air.  It gives a collection concentration reading of VOC gases (usually in vapour form).  This VOC monitor gives a averaged value of total VOC count (TVOC) of the compounds like, Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Smoke, Alcohol, Hydrocarbons, LPG, Formaldehyde, PVC solvents, Petrol, CNG, Diesel, IPA solutions, gluing/bonding agents etc.

Following is the relative sensitivity of the vapours:

  • LPG / CNG – highly sensitive
  • Benzene – highly sensitive
  • Toluene and Xylene – moderate sensitive
  • Smoke – highly sensitive
  • Alcohol – highly sensitive
  • IPA – moderate sensitive
  • Formaldehyde (HCHO) – less sensitive
  • Petrol / Diesel – highly sensitive
  • PVC solvents, glue and bonding agents – highly sensitive

Concentration of gases shown in ppm (parts per million) 0-800 ppm.  Air quality index is shown as the following (left hand bottom):

  • 0-10 ppm [GOOD]
  • 10-20 ppm [NORMAL]
  • 20-30 [POOR]
  • Above 30 ppm as [ALARM]

The beeping sound / alarm in the unit has been permanently removed from the newer models, after repeated feedback from customers.

The unit is a table-top sensing unit with LCD.  To start the machine, first keep it in a fresh room  make sure the reading are stable at 0 ppm.  It takes a booting time of around 30 seconds for power up (before the 1st reading appears).  Soon after that the readings will show the for the ambient room conditions.

This monitor shows the reading of odour in a ambient air.   The odour may be fresh or even stinking.  The unit can convert smell into electrical values.  The monitor captures the odour particles from the air and converts into electrical impulses.  The electrical pulses then are converted to ppm readings that is displayed.

Important notice to operate the VOC monitor:

  1. Before exposing the VOC monitor to stale air, it is recommended to turn ON the VOC monitor in a clean room to allow the readings to settle to 0 ppm (or at least below 10 ppm).  This procedure might take few minutes to few hours, depending on how long the monitor was un-operational before that
  2. Once the unit displays alarm/poor condition (of ambient air), it is recommended to remove the monitor from such environment.  The unit should be turned off and kept isolated from such environment to avoid sensor degradation because of corrosion.  It improves sensor life and future performance as well

The following conditions must be strictly avoided:

  • Exposed to volatile silicon steam.  The sensor would permanently damage if exposed to silicon steam
  • If the monitor is exposed to high concentration of corrosive gases viz. H2S, SOx, Cl2, HCl etc. internal sensor chemical layers will get corroded and the sensor will never be able to recover from this situation
  • The monitor should be avoided from Alkali, Alkali metal salt, halogen pollution, or even exposed to Chlorine or Fluorine
  • The unit should never be dipped or exposed to water directly
  • Avoid freezing conditions

Sensor technical description:

The sensor is located inside the left orifice of the monitor.  It is composed of micro Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 ceramic tube containing Tin Oxide SnO (Stannous Oxide) sensitive layer, measuring electrode and a heater. The heater provides the necessary work conditions.  A change in the gas concentration, changes the electrical characteristics of SnO (proportional to change in current flowing through it).  The change in current is measured for displaying the gas concentration.  The VQM monitor is NOT a measuring device for individual gas concentration; instead it shows an indicative figure of room air quality (especially odour)

Operating Power supply:

The VOC monitor operates at 12VDC.  operates on 12VDC  power supply.  We provide 220VDC to 12VDC converter adapter along with the package.  User can use a 12V battery EXTERNAL pack as well.  The life of the battery would depend on the battery capacity.  On an average, 4-6AH/12VDC rechargeable lead acid battery may last for 6-8 hrs.

Dimensions of the monitor: 160mm x 100mm x 30mm

LCD dimensions: 70mm x 55mm

We produce 2 varieties of dust monitors:

FBXVQMG: Lemon green display

FBXVQMW: Bluish white display

Operating voltage 12VDC @ 1Amps