Wireless Transmitter Receiver

Wireless transmitter and receiver set:
Range: 100 meters in open
Model: FBXRR521
The set comprises of
– A remote control transmitter
– Receiver unit with potential free contactor
– An additional power supply adapter

Wireless transmitter and receiver set:
Range: 300 meters in open
Model: FBXRR621
The long range remote set contains
– A long range remote control transmitter
– Receiver radio with potential free contactor
– Power supply adapter

Wireless transmitter and receiver

  • Battery operated remote controller
  • Receiver set functions on 12 volt dc
  • A potential free contactor point at receiver output
  • No wiring and no installation needed
  • Neither does it calls for any future maintenance
  • Simple to use
  • Press top button of remote to activate relay
  • Press bottom button to deactivate
  • Long life remote battery
Demo video

Top features of wireless transmitter receiver

The wireless transmitter and receiver is, it needs installation. The system functions on the latest cutting edge radio frequency technology. Moreover, the remote controller has embedded radio transmitter unit. The receiver set comprises of a high sensitivity radio receiver. Associated with driving circuits, it is capable of switching a potential free contactor. And finally, the relay inside, serves as a potential free contactor. The relay can sustain a load current of up to 6 Amps at 220VAC. Any electrical appliance of lower that the specified ratings can attach to relay.


  • Operate a siren or hooter from a distant location
  • Turns electrical devices like, lights, fans etc.
  • The relay contactor point can drive AC/DC motors
  • Agriculture and irrigation related applications
  • For plenty of factory automation purpose, and moreover to trigger a device
  • Furthermore, the receiver can also mount of vehicles and run on car battery. This gives flexibility to use this device in automobile utilities as well

Wireless technology has evolved as boon to the modern world. Day by day technology is jumping new boundaries.  This has increased the need of ready to use systems, with minimal wiring or installation.  Almost all devices in the world are using wire way of communication.  Therefore, increasing the complexity and maintaining cost.  The wireless transmitter receiver devices are a step forward towards this direction. Because of the wireless technology, the units needs no installation at all. It is possible to put these machines in various automation applications. Almost all electrical devices can automate using this technology. Moreover, the system is robust and long lasting. Deployed at over 10,000+ customer locations across the world and all working till date. This has build enormous confidence among customers about FORBIX SEMICON solutions.