Call bell system for hospital

When it comes to providing quality healthcare, every hospital strives to provide the best care possible to their patients. One important aspect of patient care is the ability to respond quickly to their needs. Hospitals need a reliable system in place to ensure that patients can receive help promptly when they require it. This is where call bell systems come into play.

In today’s digital age, technology has made it possible for hospitals to provide patients with a modern and effective call bell system. A call bell system enables patients to call for assistance from hospital staff when they need it, whether it is to call a nurse, request assistance or ask for medication. Among the companies that provide call bell systems for hospitals, FORBIX SEMICON stands out as one of the best.

FORBIX SEMICON is a leading provider of electronic solutions and services, including call bell system for hospital. The company has been in operation for over a decade and has gained a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions. The FORBIX SEMICON call bell system is designed to meet the unique needs of each hospital, and it comes with several features that make it stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the reasons why the FORBIX SEMICON call bell system is the best option for hospitals:

  • User-Friendly Call Bell for Hospital Design

One of the most important features of the FORBIX SEMICON call bell system is its user-friendly design. The system is easy to use, and patients can quickly learn how to operate it. The call bell transmitter is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to hold, with large buttons that are easy to press. Additionally, the receiver unit is easy to install, and the display screen is easy to read. The user-friendly design of the FORBIX SEMICON call bell system ensures that patients can easily call for assistance when they need it.

  • Customizable Configuration

The FORBIX SEMICON call bell system is highly customizable, and hospitals can configure it to meet their specific needs. The system can be configured to accommodate any number of patient rooms, and it can be set up to operate on different frequencies. Additionally, the system can be programmed to send different types of alerts when a call is received. Hospitals can choose to receive an audible alert, a visual alert, or both.

  • Reliable Connectivity

The FORBIX SEMICON call bell system is designed to provide reliable connectivity between the call bell transmitter and the receiver unit. The system uses a wireless connection, which ensures that there are no wires to trip over, and it also allows patients to move around freely while still being able to call for assistance. The wireless connection is also encrypted, which ensures that patient information is kept confidential and secure.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

Hospitals need to provide quality care to their patients while also managing their costs effectively. The FORBIX SEMICON call bell system is a cost-effective solution that provides hospitals with an efficient way to respond to patient needs. The system is easy to install and maintain, which helps to reduce installation and maintenance costs. Additionally, the system is designed to be energy-efficient, which helps to reduce energy costs.

  • Scalable Solution

Hospitals need a call bell system that can grow with their needs. The FORBIX SEMICON call bell system is scalable and can be easily expanded to accommodate the needs of growing hospitals. Hospitals can add more patient rooms or additional receiver units as needed, without the need for major upgrades or changes to the existing system.

  • 24/7 Support

FORBIX SEMICON provides 24/7 support for their call bell systems. Hospitals can rely on the company’s technical support team to provide assistance with any issues that may arise with the system. This ensures that hospitals can provide uninterrupted patient care without any downtime caused by technical issues


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