Code alert emergency system

Code alert emergency system, CODE RED / CODE BLUE

Wireless code red and code blue alert solutions comprises of revolving beacon lights. The respective flashing lights triggers using a RF remote controller. In the advent of an emergency, pressing the panic buttons triggers the code alert. Attaching upto 15-20 calling remotes is plausible. Where each wireless remote has a corresponding indicator light associated.

The Code Red and Code Blue wireless alerting system is a versatile and crucial solution for emergency communication in various environments, including factories, warehouses, hospitals, commercial buildings, educational institutions, public places, and offices. This system consists of a remote controller and a receiver unit, enabling swift and effective alert notifications.

The remote controller serves as the trigger for the receiver unit, providing convenient and immediate activation. The top button on the remote is used to turn on the alert, initiating a loud siren sound that attracts attention and alerts individuals to the emergency situation at hand. Conversely, the bottom button is utilized to turn off the alert, indicating the end of the emergency.

To enhance visibility, the receiver unit is equipped with a red or blue color revolving light beacon. This visual indicator ensures that the emergency is clearly visible even from a distance, allowing for quick identification and response.

The Code Red and Code Blue wireless alerting system finds applications in a wide range of settings. In factories and warehouses, it helps alert personnel to potential hazards or accidents. In hospitals, it can be used to signal medical emergencies. In commercial buildings, educational institutions, public places, and offices, it assists in emergency evacuations or lockdown situations.

By providing a reliable and efficient means of emergency communication, this wireless alerting system enhances safety, reduces response times, and ensures a coordinated response in critical situations.

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