Nurse Call System Code Blue

Nurse call system code blue, FORBIX SEMICON

Nurse call system code blue

Code blue is an added feature to an existing nurse call system.  At FORBIX SEMICON we have devised this innovative solution.  It is extensively used at hospitals, dispensaries, offices, homes, offices and even factory plants.  Most of all, this system ensures that the doctors get an alert immediately in case of any emergency.

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The system consists of 3 main components:

  1. Remote control calling point
  2. Receiver console to display the number from where the call is made
  3. Code blue console auto dialler that sends missed calls and SMS to registered mobile numbers

On press of a button from a remote controller, the CODE BLUE sequence initiates itself.

Nurse call system code blue sequence:

Following is the set of sequences occur when code blue initiates:

  • First, the calling remote number shows up on the receiver display console at the nurse station
  • Then, an automatic SMS sent to registered phone numbers (with a predefined message)
  • A sequence of missed calls is then dialled to the same registered mobile number

This immediately alerts the doctor on duty.  The doctor may be anywhere in the building.  As a result, the doctor will be able to know about the emergency situation immediately.

Automatic message (SMS)

Example of the SMS that the doctors receive.  “Ward A: Code BLUE medical emergency // Please attend as soon as possible

(It is possible to program the message content as per customer necessity).

Procedure to program registered mobile numbers:

[Assume, doctor’s mobile number is 9876543210]

Add the number 09876543210 to receive code blue alert message

Remove a particular number 09876543210 from the code blue alert messaging system

Display the existing registered mobile numbers

Clear all registered phone numbers from the console memory

The automatic dialler can reach out the destination (registered) mobile numbers almost immediately.  As a result doctors are always kept informed about the emergency happening.  Hence, patients assured with quality treatment for their stay at the hospital or dispensary.  Furthermore, it is an extremely simple to add or delete the attending doctor’s number.  Just by simple SMS the addition and deletion of numbers performed.