Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where we try to address the most common questions prospective customers might have.

Do you ship overseas address?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere across the world that can accept deliveries. We have patterned with DHL. As a matter of fact, we have already supplied to over 20,000+ customer worldwide from past decade.

Do you have post sale service?

FORBIX SEMICON devices and products are designed and manufactured at our factory facility in Bangalore. Any trouble that arises (even after warranty period), feel free to talk to our team. If the devices are physically damaged then you need to ship the unit(s) to our factory address, mentioned here.

What’s your warranty terms, return policy?

Warrant for all our devices is 1 year (365 days), from the date invoice is generated from our factory. Click here.

What is the signal range of the devices?

There are 2 main type of radio devices we manufature:

  1. 5xx series (30-40 meters indoors) and over 200 meters outdoors (in open line of light)
  2. 7xx series (2-3Kms in urban areas) and over 6-8Km in open fields, deserts and terrain

For 7xx series we suggest to mount the transmitter and antenna at maximum possible height.

I have a 32 bed hospital, what nurse call system will help me

A simple 10 to 32 remote calling system is helpful. It is the most economical and simple device set. Receiver is a display with 10 to 32 indicators (depends on the configuration you choose). Every calling point is a remote controller. Pressing a remote triggers the corresponding indicator on the receiver.  Buzzer sounds on every call to alert.

Video demonstration for 10-32 remote calling system

See the installation picture in an office

My requirement is for a house. Any product?

We have lower version solution for less number of calling points as well. It carters for 1-9 remotes.

Video demonstration for 2-9 remote calling system

See the installation picture in a guest house

What if I have to serve more than 32 beds calling point?

There are 2 ways to solve this;

  1. Use more than 1 receiver of 32 indicators. Like if requirement is for 60 calling points then 2 sets of 32 indicators and the remaining spare. Watch these installation photographs. 1-Picture in a ship deck. 2-Picture in a nurse station room.
  2. A 7-segment display receiver. This device can support 250 calling points at a time. Picture 1 in nurse system. Picture in pharmaceutical lab.

Difference between the above two solution (click to find out)

What if need just 1 remote and a siren for my house?

Yes we do have 1 remote calling system as well.

1 remote + 1 receiver with buzzer. Picture. Video demonstration.

What if the remote signal is out of range?

Very simple to solve. Just add an intermediate repeater signal booster. It is a unit that can receive feeble remote control signals and forward it to the receiver, thereby improving the SNR. And finally it improves the range of communication. It is possible to add multiple repeater units.

See some explanation diagrams.


1-Installation picture. 2-Installation picture. 3-Installation picture.

Video demonstration of repeaters.