Call bell system for hospital

Call bell system for hospital, FORBIX SEMICON®

When it comes to providing quality healthcare, every hospital strives to provide the best care possible to their patients. One important aspect of patient care is the ability to respond quickly to their needs. Hospitals need a reliable system in place to ensure that patients can receive help promptly when they require it. This is … Read more

A new advancement in Token Display System, now manage a queue by showing tokens on TV screens monitors

Wireless token display system, 6 consultation rooms with remotes, FORBIX SEMICON®

The token display system is a new advancement in the healthcare industry. It is a system that displays waiting patient’s token number information on TV screens and monitors in hospitals. This system does not only help hospitals to keep the patient’s information visible for all the staff, it also helps to improve patient safety. The … Read more

Healthcare and medical devices

This section discusses the role of AI in healthcare, and how medical devices can be improved with the help of AI. Medical devices can have their functionality and usability improved by using AI. They can also be made more cost-effective by companies that are looking to design them or redesign them. AI is being used … Read more

Wireless Attendant Calling System

Wireless attendant calling systems can offer a number of benefits to your business. A wireless attendant calling system can be used in any type of facility such as an office, hotel, hospital, or school. It is an alternate way for employees to contact someone if they need assistance during working hours. This system eliminates the … Read more

What Is Nurse Call System

Nurse call systems are a type of system which is used to alert nurses and other healthcare professionals, when a patient needs their attention. In healthcare settings, nurse call systems are typically installed in patient rooms and other locations where the patient might need assistance. When activated, the computer terminal sends an alert to the … Read more