Motion sensor wireless alarm


Introduction to motion sensor wireless alarm

FO RBIX SEMICON motion sensor wireless alarm will safeguard your home, office or shop. The basic system set rather consists of motion sensors transmitters and sirens. Further additions units are GSM automatic diallers and remote controllers. As a result of human detection near the sensor, it sends RF signals to the siren. Consequently, the siren blow alerting neighbors about the intrusion. In addition, the GSM automatic dialler sends missed calls and SMS to phone numbers. However, the mobile phone numbers need to feed a priori in the GSM automatic dialing machine.

Moreover, there are 3 different types of motion detection sensors. Each has an inbuilt transmitter with a specific address. The motion detector sensors are available in a single direction, 2-direction, and 3-direction detection types. This types of systems can detect human motion from probably any direction. And above, a wireless remote controller can activate or deactivate the whole mechanism.

Motion sensor wireless alarm features:

  • Detection of human motion within a distance of 2-3 meters
  • More than one sensors at different locations, triggering a common siren unit
  • Alarm siren located at a different location (maybe 20-30 meters) away from the sensors
  • Indicator unit to show which particular motion sensor has triggered
  • Remote controller to activate and deactivate the complete security system
  • The motion alarm system operates at the 12VDC power supply. We provide 110-220VAC to 12VDC converter adapter along with the set for individual components. All the unit can also be functional on 12VDC UPS as well
  • The remote controller runs on a battery


Motion sensor wireless alarms

1 direction motion detection transmitter

2 direction wireless motion detector

3 direction wireless motion detector

Motion detector and wireless alarm

Arrangement for 2 direction motion detection

Arrangement for 3 direction motion detection


How to operate the motion sensor wireless alarms:

Step 1: Place the motion sensors at various different points in the house. Strategically choose the entry points. We usually suggest to mount the motion sensors on the ceilings.

Step 2: Keep the siren at a location in the house from where neighbors can hear. The siren sound is around 108db, that audible to around 100 meters in open area

Step 3: While you are the in the house, deactivate the whole security system. Pressing the CANCEL button on the remote controller deactivates the signaling. On the other hand, pressing the CALL button reactivates the system

The whole setup takes not more than 10-20 minutes of your time for installation. Installation needs mere placing or mounting the sensing units on the wall. It is also possible to keep the sensing device on the table or chair or mantelpiece. Before leaving the house, make sure the security system is activated (using the remote).

Motion sensor wireless alarm range of detection and communication:

  • Motion sensors can detect human activity within a range of 2-3 meters from the sensor bulb
  • The angle of detection is around 120 degree
  • The range of communication from the sensor transmitter to the siren is around 20-30 meters. All the motion detectors have inbuilt radio transmitters. The sirens and indicators have RF receivers
  • The range of communication enhances by placing intermediate repeaters in the house. These repeater units can forward the signals from the motion detectors to the siren. More than one repeater is possible to use to over huge villas and bungalow houses


Video demonstration.

Motion sensor alarm set