Wireless receiver data logger


The wireless data logger system is one of its kind that stores real-time data in SD Card. It is a simple yet, sophisticated system with a facility of continuous data logging. Every time someone presses the remote, the CALL time records on the machine. The receiver unit logs 24×7 of the time. After the peon/nurse attends the caller, he/she presses the CANCEL button. The CALL/CANCEL times recording is helpful in improving the overall response time. The information in stores in the SD card (built-in) of the machine. The recorded data downloads through 2 possible means:

  • Using a WiFi interface on any smart device
  • Direct reading of the SD Card
  • The logging unit builds its own hotspot WiFi network interface. Users can connect to this network. Then type IP address http:// on the web browser. It opens up an interface for the user to download the recorded information.
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Moreover, users can also synchronize the internal RTC (real-time clock) timings. This syncing is to computer / mobile local time.
Main features of wireless data logging receiver

  • 24×7 data logging capability
  • WiFi data download
  • SD Card data download
  • 2/4/8/16GB information
  • New file on a daily basis

Finally, the device integrates with all FORBIX SEMICON devices in a seamless manner. This is no need to do any external configuration or programming. The complete ready-to-use set comes pre-programmed from the factory.

Data logger advantages and use

  • The data logger machine records incoming calls and cancellation signals
  • This information possible can be used for daily/weekly/monthly profiling
  • The signal call logs with accurate date and time with every new file for a fresh day
  • For panic alarm solutions, it also helps to serve as proof to the insurance company about the panic situation
  • It is possible to integrate the data logger receiver to nurse call, a panic alarm, air monitors, and many more
  • The WiFi capability of the data logger machine helps user to view and download files remotely
  • This machine can also find its place in standalone industrial automation solutions



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