Wireless nurse call systems

Wireless nurse call systems for hospitals

Wireless nurse call systems, from FORBIX SEMICON is a new advancement in technology. An appropriate electronic solution for the modern day hospital. It holds the latest cutting edge wireless designs at its core. Since the machines need neither any wiring nor any installation. It becomes, very simple for hospital staff to deploy within minutes. The wireless nurse call systems are expandable from a few beds to many. No future maintenance needed. This enables patients to use, the wireless nurse call systems in mere minutes after receiving. Such a quick turn around time is possible because of the agile architecture.


Wireless nurse call system architecture


How wireless nurse call system works


Signal range for wireless nurse call

Hospitals worldwide, deploy FORBIX SEMICON wireless nurse call system solution. This wireless attendant call system caters from a few beds to even over thousand beds. However whatever might be some underlying limitations of the signal range, it is overcome by repeaters. Signal range improves by, intermediate repeaters and boosters. Because of these boosters, no corner of the hospital can now remain in touched. Furthermore, the boosters are capable of catching even feeble signals from the remotes. This therefore, gives an illusion to the user of increased battery life of the remotes.

Advantages of wireless nurse call systems over wired

Wireless solutions are far more advanced and better than wired systems. However, it works on the latest RF technology.

  • First of all, wireless nurse call systems needs no wiring or installation
  • Neither there is any future maintenance involved, this rather saves cost
  • Moreover, there is no limitation to the range of communication
  • Further, the complete system is expandable and programmable. Suppose a user has opted for 30 remote sets. They can add another 20 remotes to the existing set. Even without making any changes to the existing system, and while it is running
  • Because of modular components, the user can add and remove a particular device at choice
  • And most of all the units are elegant, robust and reliable


RF remote: wireless nurse call component

RF remote control

  • Handy and lightweight remote control for patients
  • FBX521 (remote with a jacket to fix mount on a wall)
  • FBX521R (remote with ribbon)
  • Battery type: 12volts DC / 23A
  • Indoor signal range: 20-30 meters
  • Outdoor signal range: 100-120 meters
  • Battery life: 3-4 years


Wireless remote control Model:FBX521


Patient call button


Remote with ribbon Model:FBX521R


Elderly call button

Patient call buttons: wireless nurse call

Patient call buttons, wall mount

  • Wall mount patient call buttons for bed and washrooms
  • FBX545: IP65 enclosure specially designed for washrooms
  • FBX525: elegant looking enclosure suited for bedside
  • Extended 0.5-1 meter bed switch cable
  • Indoor signal range: 20-30 meters
  • Outdoor signal range: 100-120 meters
  • Runs on battery, life: 3-4 years


Washroom / toilet call button Model: FBX545


Washroom call button


Bed call button Model: FBX525


Patient bed button

Wireless nurse call station, display/indicator type

  • Display type receiver, 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit
  • Supports up to 250 patient call points (per display)
  • Display customized room nos: 401, 312A, 78, 12E...
  • Bright light 7-segment display
  • Round robin display for more than 1 call
  • Continuous buzzing sound with volume control
  • Indicator type receiver, 10-32 indicator lights
  • This receiver supports maximum 32 calling point
  • Beeping sound on every new cal
  • Volume control to modulate loudness
  • Call from more than 1 remote shows all at a time
  • Over 6000+ calling points can coexist at the same location
  • Operates on 12VDC (comes along with 220-110VAC converter)
  • Customized receiver units have extendable metal antenna (for better signal range)
  • Data logger records every incoming call time and attended time
  • It is possible to retrieve the data from SDCard or WiFi


Display nurse station Model: FBXCSL03A


Display type nurse station


Difference of indicator and display 


Indicator nurse station Model: FBXCSI20A


Indicator type nurse station


4 digit data logger display Model:FBXDL04


Nurse station data logger

Wireless nurse call indicator systems

3 or 4-bed numbers associated with an indicator module
Location of room and door indicator should be outside the room
When some patient calls from inside the room corresponding indicator blinks
The indicators have blinking lights and beeping sound
Operates on 12VDC (comes along with 220-110VAC converter)


Room module indicator Model: FBXRM01


3 beds room module indicator


Room module indicator 


Corridor module Model: FBXCM30


Corridor module indicator


Door module Model: FBXDM01


Door module indicator 

Wireless nurse call: signal boosters and CODE blue

Repeater booster enhances the range of signals furthermore
Low and high power repeater provides additional 20-30/50-60meters
Every additional repeater improves the signal to noise ratio (SNR)
It is possible to install multiple repeaters in series

CODE BLUE indicator for a specific set of emergency alerts
The receivers can be in the corridor or nurse station
Operates on 12VDC (comes along with 220-110VAC converter)


Repeater, signal booster Model: FBXCSRPT


Signal range of repeater


Repeater application


Revolving light module Model: FBXCSCB


Revolving indicator application


Revolving indicator application

Wireless nurse call CODE BLUE GSM automatic dialer, introduction

Code blue is an added feature to an existing wireless nurse call systems. At FORBIX SEMICON we have devised this innovative solution. Used at hospitals, dispensaries, offices, homes, offices, and even factory plants. Most of all, this system ensures that the doctors get an alert immediately in case of an emergency.
The system consists of 3 main components:

1. Calling buttons (panic buttons)
2. Receiver console to display the number the calling buttons
3. The receiver console phone automatic dialing machine. This sends missed calls and SMS to registered mobile numbers

On press of a button from a remote controller, the CODE BLUE sequence initiates itself.


GSM automatic dialer system Model: FBXAD01


GSM automatic dialer application