Wireless nurse call systems

Solution 1

Introducing nurse station receiver LCD VGA monitor with inbuilt 24×7 data logger, RTC and WiFi log download

Solution 2

Receiver station with TFT display, elegant, robust and aesthetic. Caters for 250 calling beds at shows 4 calls at any given time

Solution 3

First of its kind, handheld battery operated portable wireless pager receiver with OLED and alpha-numeric display

Solution 4

Nurse station receiver with 7-segment display, deployed worldwide and working flawlessly from over a decade

Solution 5

Attendant LED indicator receiver with 32 calling point support, suitable for offices, factories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

  • Complete wireless solution
  • 50,000+ customers worldwide
  • No wiring, No installation
  • No future maintenance
  • No signal range limitation
  • Remote control and pull chords
  • Indicators, LCD monitors, handheld receivers
  • Beacon light room indicators
  • 24×7 data logger nurse station
  • Patient press remote to alert attendant
  • Runs on latest RF (Radio Frequency) technology
  • Supports over 6000 patient beds
  • Plug n play units
  • SDCard/WiFi/RTC datalogging
  • Modular and scalable architecture
  • Cost effective, just 1 time installation
  • Deployable within minutes
  • No site inspection or floor plan needed

Patient call button transmitter

  • Wireless remote control for patients.
  • Model: FBX521.
  • GREEN button to call nurse.
  • RED button to cancel the call.
  • Outdoor signal range 100-150 meters.
  • Indoors signal range 30-40 meters.
  • Battery operated (battery model: 23A), 12 volts.
  • Active battery life: 3-4 years.
  • Wireless pull chord button for patients.
  • Model: FBX528A.
  • Bed pull the chord to call nurse.
  • Alternative RED button to call.
  • Lighter version.
  • Battery properties same as remote control.
  • Wireless pull chord button for patients.
  • Model: FBX528.
  • IP65 enclosure.
  • Pull the chord for washroom.
  • RED button to call and YELLOW to cancel.
Wireless call light system: display console receiver
  • Receiver 7-segment display panel at nurse station.
  • Model: FBXCSL04A.
  • Available in 3 models viz. 2/3/4 digits.
  • Display customized room nos: 401, 312A, 78, 12E…
  • Round-robin display for more than 1 call.
  • Bright light 7-segment display.
  • Continuous buzzing nurse call button sound with volume control.
  • Runs on 220AC/12VDC adapter power supply.
  • Receiver indicator panel at nurse station.
  • Model: FBXCSI20A.
  • Available in 10-32 indicator receiver models.
  • Every bed as a corresponding indicator flashing light.
  • Bright light for every remote, available in BLUE/RED/GREEN.
  • Continuous buzzing nurse call button sound with volume control.
  • Runs on 220AC/12VDC adapter power supply.
  • Nurse station receiver with LCD monitor.
  • Model: FBXLV01.
  • Configurable screen for up to 64 calling points.
  • All preprogrammed numbers in yellow.
  • Call alert indicated by contrast Purple color.
  • Runs on 220AC/12VDC adapter power supply.
Door module indicator
  • Door module indicator to alert ward boy in corridor.
  • Model: FBXDM01A.
  • Installed outside every room / washroom.
  • Continuous buzzing sound with red light indicator.
  • The wireless call light system runs on 12 volt DC.
  • Compatible 220VAC to 12VDC is adapter supplied along with.
Corridor module indicator
  • Multiple bed door indicator with 3 color lights.
  • Model: FBXCM01A.
  • Supports 10 rooms with 2 beds and 1 toiler
  • Buzzing sound with corresponding light.
  • The receiver indicator runs on 12 volt DC.
Code Blue revolving alert
  • Code BLUE and Code RED revolving beacon lights.
  • Model: FBXCR01A / FBXCB01A.
  • Receiver with flashing light to alert wardboy or security staff
  • Siren alert sound
  • The beacon light indicator runs on 12 volt DC.
Repeater signal booster
  • Wireless repeater signal booster for range enhancement.
  • Model: FBXCSR01A.
  • Usually installed in corridors.
  • This device catches feeble signals from the remotes and forwards.
  • It is possible to deploy more than one repeater in the same vicinity.
  • The wireless repeater for nurse call runs on 12 volt DC.
  • Compatible 220VAC to 12VDC is adapter supplied along with.

A cross section view of a hospital containing 3 floors. Patients on each floor connects to their respective nurse station (on the same floor). Not only that, the patient can also connect to centralized station (on ground floor). The master nurse console is a data logger module to record call and attending response time of patients.

Advantages of wireless systems and comparison

  • Wireless solutions are far more advanced and better than wired systems.
  • First of all, wireless best nurse call systems need no wiring or installation.
  • Neither there is any future maintenance involved, this rather saves cost.
  • Moreover, there is no limitation to the range of communication.
  • Further, the complete system is expandable and programmable. Suppose a user has opted for 30 remote sets. They can add another 20 remotes to the existing set. Even without making any changes to the existing system, and while it is running.
  • Because of modular components, the user can add and remove a particular device at choice, all work at the latest RF technology.
  • And most of all the units are elegant, robust and reliable
FORBIX SEMICON® best caregiver call buttons, summary

A reliable and wire free nurse call system for patients and elderly citizens. Very simple to use and easy to operate nurse call button. FORBIX SEMICON® nurse call system for hospitals offer you a sense of safety. A peacefulness in mind to feel that, calling an attendant is a remote press away. No wiring or installation needed, neither any future maintenance. Solution works on latest wireless RF technology. We have completed over 50,000+ deployments worldwide hospitals. We are among the top nurse call system manufacturers.

The RF signals can pass through glass doors, wood partition and even concrete walls. Moreover, there is no limit to the range of communication. Thanks to the signal booster, repeaters. It is possible to install more than one signal booster repeater. These repeaters catch feeble signals from far away remotes, amplify and forwards. The complete solution is a plug-n-play. Over 6500+ remote control patient call button can coexist in a vicinity. However, there is no limit to the number of nurse stations. Nurse stations comes in two models. A 7 segment display type and a LED indicator type.

  • At FORBIX SEMICON®, we manufacture the best nurse call systems.
  • Multiple variants of patient call buttons, like remote controller, pull cords, washroom IP65 button.
  • Nurse station console, with 7-segment digit display, indicators.
  • High-end versions equipped with data loggers and monitors.
  • Attachable door modules and corridor indicators.
  • Signals can pass through concrete walls, wood, glass.
  • Expandable and scalable from a few remotes to over 6500+ calling points.
  • User configurable bed number.
  • CE certified equipments.

How wireless nurse call system works

  • Step1: Patient uses the remote controller to summon nurse on duty.
  • 2: Wireless RF signal from remote reach display console receiver.
  • 3: Corresponding bed number flashes at the receiver at nurse station.
  • 4: The nurse comes to attend to the patient and cancels the call.
About FORBIX SEMICON® wireless solutions

Wireless best nurse call systems, from FORBIX SEMICON® is a new advancement in technology. An appropriate electronic solution for the modern-day hospital. Wireless nurse call systems for assisted living, and old age homes. It holds the latest cutting edge wireless designs at its core. Since the machines need neither any wiring nor any installation. It becomes, very simple for hospital staff to deploy within minutes. The wireless nurse call systems for hospitals are expandable from a few beds to many. No future maintenance needed. This enables patients to use, the wireless nurse call systems in mere minutes after receiving. Such a quick turn around time is possible because of the agile architecture.

Hospitals worldwide, deploy FORBIX SEMICON® wireless nurse call system solution. This wireless attendant call system caters from a few beds to even over a thousand beds. However, whatever might be some underlying limitations of the signal range, it is overcome by repeaters. Signal range improves by, intermediate repeaters and boosters. Because of these boosters, no corner of the hospital can now remain in touch. Furthermore, the boosters are capable of catching even feeble signals from the remotes. This, therefore, gives an illusion to the user of the increased battery life of the remotes.

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