OPD patient call system

OPD patient call system (1 remote + 2 recipients)

OPD patient call system is a solution to call people waiting outside a consultation room one at a time. With this device, doctors can also call the nurse on duty (or event he reception) for help.

  • 1 remote for the doctor.
  • 2 receivers, one for the patients and other for the nurse.
  • Wireless solution, no installation, no wiring
  • Neither does it involves any future maintenance cost
  • Moreover, the system is ready to use out of the box
  • Plug-n-play and hassle-free operation

Demo video for wireless indicator OPD calling device

OPD token number display system (1 remote + 3digit display)


  • 1 wireless remote controller and a token display device
  • Top button on the remote, increments the number by 1
  • Center button on the remote, recalls the same number
  • Bottom button on the remote, decrements the number by 1

The wireless token display device helps small dispensary and OPD doctors to manage the waiting patient queue. Doctors can call the next number or even recall the same number, if the patient has not arrived. The solution is highly effective in managing outgoing patient department rush of people.

Demo video for wireless up-down counter OPD calling device

The wireless OPD patient call bell is a cost-effective and efficient solution designed to streamline operations in smaller outpatient departments (OPDs). This system comprises one remote control unit and two receiver units, providing comprehensive coverage within the OPD area.

The remote control features two buttons: the top button is used to call the next patient, while the bottom button is utilized to summon the duty nurse for assistance. When a button is pressed, the corresponding receiver emits a beeping sound, alerting the appropriate personnel.

With a range of 20-30 meters indoors, this wireless call bell effectively covers the entire OPD area. Whether it is a patient needing assistance or the need to call the next person in line, this device ensures prompt and efficient communication. This wireless OPD patient call bell is particularly suitable for smaller OPDs due to its cost-effective nature. It offers a practical solution for managing patient flow and providing timely assistance without the need for complex and expensive communication systems. By implementing this wireless call bell system, smaller OPDs can enhance their operational efficiency, improve patient experience, and optimize staff coordination. The simplicity, affordability, and functionality of this device make it an ideal choice for OPDs seeking an effective communication solution without the burden of high costs.

Token Display System

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