Wireless panic alarm system


FORBIX SEMICON wireless panic alarm system is a full proof method to secure a building. The alarm system consists of panic buttons and sirens. These panic buttons located at rather, strategic locations inside building premises. Moreover, high volume siren receivers spread across the building. While there is an event of an emergency, a person can alert the security personnel by the mere pressing of a button. The panic siren system also has provision for handheld remote control units. Therefore, on the press of a remote controller, the building staff gets alerted. Then, respective panic button point shows up on the receiver console. It is possible to have more than one receiver consoles for the staff to know the panic point. Moreover, there is no limitation to the range of communication. And finally, boosters can help to enhance the signals kept at intermediate locations.

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Wireless panic alarm


  • No wiring
  • Installation not needed
  • Maintenance free devices
  • Moreover, units are modular
  • Works on wireless technology
  • Scalable system
  • High noise level sirens
  • Wall mount and handheld panic buttons
  • No limitation to the range of communication
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Panic alarm for bank


  • Alarm system for old age homes
  • Women safety in hostels and buildings
  • Office emergency alarm systems
  • Building panic buttons
  • Residential and gated community alarms
  • Sirens in yards and factories
  • Wireless alert in schools and colleges

Wireless emergency alarm system

Wireless Remote control panic
2 remote bank alarm
panic button under table
Bank panic alarm
Revolving Beacon light
Panic button on wall
Wireless panic siren

Application image

Building panic alarm 
Code blue siren
Panic alert for elderly 
Elevator alarm 

House panic alarm and light
Panic alarm for office
Alarm for houses
Elevator alarm system
Apartment panic alarm
Domestic violence alarm
Alarm for guard

Panic alarm button

Remote controller, Model: FBX521
Panic button, Model: FBX521C
Emergency panic alarm, Model: FBX521A

100 meters range

Each panic button needs to mount at strategic locations inside a building. However, in a situation of emergency or panic, a person needs to press the nearby alarm button. As a result, the whole building and security will get an alert, with various sirens and alarms. Thus, it gives a sense of security and satisfaction in the mind of residents. Moreover, the system runs on wireless technology. Therefore, it becomes possible to have many panic buttons without wiring. The signal range is 20-30 meters indoors and rather 100-120m outdoors.

Emergency alarm button, model: FBX521B
Model: FBX621, Panic remote control
Handicap panic button Model: FBX525
Panic remote, model: FBX622
Alarm button, model: FBX545
Emergency button Model: FBX623

Wireless sirens

Wireless siren 108DB Model: FBXS01
Wireless alarm 118DB Model: FBXS02
Wireless siren with a revolving light Model: FBXS03

Loud siren 108/118/130 db sound

FORBIX SEMICON produces wireless sirens triggers with either with panic buttons or remotes. However, it is possible to mount many wireless sirens at various locations in a building. Moreover, a set of panic buttons can also configure to a specific set of wireless sirens. Wireless sirens are either 108, 118 or 130 decibels in volume. In addition, every wireless siren has 3 indicators. The indicators are rather a power supply, alarm trigger light, and a sync signal indicator. On press of a configured panic button, SYNC light blinks, thus indicating the receiver in range.

Siren and flash code blue Model: FBXS05B
108 decibel wireless siren in metal box Model: FBXS01M
118 decibel wireless siren in metal box Model: FBXS05M

Repeaters, signal boosters and indicators

Signal Boosters

An emergency alarm system has practically no range limitation. This is because of the repeater booster. Moreover, the booster has the capability to catch even weak RF signals from the panic buttons. It then forwards the captured signals on the air. Thus improving the signal to noise ration of the alarm signals. Further, many repeaters can synchronize and relay the alarm signals forward to the sirens.
Moreover, in an event of an emergency, the security can see the panic button number. However, if more than one panic button pressed, the numbers scrolls in the round-robin. The display receiver unit has a beeping sound too, to alert rather nearby listeners.

Repeater booster Model:FBXCSRPT01
High power repeater booster Model: FBXCSRPT02
Receiver display Model: FBXCSL02A

Demonstration video