Peon call bell

Wireless peon call bell

The peon call system is a very trivial and innovative solution to call an attendant. The slender battery operated remote controllers when pressed alerts a receiver unit. However, the peon call has respective remote indicators and perceptible sound. Each wireless remote is distinguishable due to the number assigned to it. Therefore, the system comes in a variety of 2 to 6 remotes. Hence, the range of the call bells is somewhere between 20-30 meters indoors. Moreover, the signals have the capability to penetrate through concrete walls as well. Whereas, the range increases to 100-120 meters it operated outdoors. Further, the system operates on the latest wireless technology. Generally used in offices, dispensaries and consultation rooms. Moreover, the peon call bell is a fast moving solution and accepted by 10,000+ customers worldwide. Also, the system is running from the past decade without any imperfections. Reliability is the factor due to which customers are gaining attraction.

Advantages of the wireless peon call bell

  • Neither any wiring needed nor does it need any installation
  • Trouble free performance for many years as a result of simple design
  • Further, reliability is the core factor
  • Long life because of robust design
  • Moreover, a long range of communication and extendable battery life
  • A very simple solution to call peon at the office
  • However, set variations are from 2 to 6 remotes
  • And finally, applications include, attendant calling at schools, factories

Available models:

FBXWACS09:9 remote calling system
FBXWACS08:8 remote calling system
FBXWACS06C:6 remote calling system with additional 2 cancel remotes
FBXWACS06:6 remote calling system
FBXWACS05:5 remote calling system
FBXWACS05D:5 remote calling system with dual indicators
FBXWACS04:4 remote calling system
FBXWACS03C:3 remote calling system with additional 1 cancel remote
FBXWACS03:3 remote calling system
FBXWACS02:2 remote calling system
FBXWACS01:Single remote calling system
Customized models:More than 1 receiver

1 remote 2 receiver(top: Rx1, bottom: Rx2)

1 remote 3 receivers(top: Rx1, middle: Rx2, bottom: Rx3)

Continuous beeping sound on the receiver

Applications of peon call systems

  • Helps to call the nurse at home for rather old aged people
  • Call office peon, pantry or maybe housekeeping in respective rooms
  • Inform next waiting for customers to a consultation room for discussion
  • Summon school cleaner or peon in a particular classroom
  • Outgoing patient department OPD to call the next patient to doctors chamber

Advanced features peon call systems

  • One remote can call more than 1 receiver (or peons). Example, press top button of remote to call peon 1, center button to call peon 2 and bottom button for peon 3, etc.
  • In addition, an officer can call peon for 3 defined purposes. Like, tea/coffee or stationary or housekeeping
  • In addition, it is possible to produce 3 different types of beeping sound (varying frequency). Moreover, against each button from the remote

Common features of peon call bell system:

  • Moreover, batteries are long lasting and replaceable
  • 23A/12V, life 1-2 years, after a rather continuous usage
  • Receiver works on 12 volt supply, hence 220VAC to 12VDC adapter supplied
  • Remotes have rather the same features. A call and a cancel button. Press call the summon peon. Once the peon has attended, press cancel button to cancel the call
  • Furthermore, some sets have supplementary remotes with cancel buttons only. Since these remotes are usually with the attendant.


Wireless attendant calling system deploys at many offices, factories and residential complexes. It supports various simple and complex configurations like a manager and many peons. Even configurations like 1-to-1 or a manager calling a group of staff is also possible.

Next higher range of peon call bell system:

FORBIX SEMICON factory produces 3 variations of remote controllers. 5xx series is the lowest of all, around 100 meters in open line of sight. Then the next level 6xx series caters of 250 meters. Whereas, the third level of products (7xx series), caters for 2-3 km.

Video demo peon call bell

2-6 remote call bell system:

10-32 remote calling: