LCD Monitor and Remotes, Dynamic Display

20 Call Button Remotes + 1 LCD monitor Nurse Station (Customized 24×7 Data-Logger)

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  • 1 Nurse station receiver with LCD monitor
  • 20 remote controllers (one for each patient bed / washroom)
  • Display with predefined set of room/bed numbers
  • Battery operated handy and lightweight remotes
  • Long signal range 30-40 meters indoors
  • Remote Signals can pass through concrete walls, wood, furniture
  • Alpha numeric names of the rooms (up to 6 characters)
  • Buzzing sound when button pressed for call
  • Elegant looks, durable, no installation, no wiring, no maintenance
  • Customized / optional datalogger to record call times 24×7
  • Signal boosters available (on demand), to help enhance the range



Model: FBXLD20

Nomenclature: FBX– FORBIX SEMICON®, L-LCD Monitor, D-Dynamic display set, 20-number of sections visible on the LCD.


  • Wireless remote control patient call button transmitter
  • Nurse station with LCD receiver (with VGA connection)
  • Display with predefined set of room numbers [20]
  • Signal range 20-30 meters indoors
  • Outdoors range 100-200 meters
  • Buzzing sound on call
  • Remote buttons:
  • Remote battery specifications
    • Top GREEN and center button, for call
    • Bottom RED button to cancel
    • Center button (customized), default call
  • Customized designs for 24×7 inbuilt datalogger (check with sales personal for such devices)
    • Inbuilt Real-Time-Clock (RTC)
    • Inbuilt SDCard
    • Continuously logs (records) incoming calls and corresponding time
    • The device launches its own WiFi hotspot.
    • To download the log files url:
    • This webpage enables to synchronize the RTC to computer time
    • Logfiles are named on present date dd-mm-yy.csv
  • A sequence of self-test bootup messages shows up on power up, SDCard status, RTC sync, and many more.
  • Customized designs for call escalation and purging
    • Escalation: Calls will remain pending for a set duration before appearing on screen. Two screens are recommended: one for standard call display and another for escalated calls. If a call remains unattended for the specified time, it will automatically transition to the escalation screen.
    • Purge: If a call remains unattended it automatically is removed from the screen after a preprogrammed time.


  • Customized solution can support more than 20 remote calling points (only latest 20 called numbers will be visible on the screen)
  • The receiver can support variable size of LCD monitors. VGA connection on the screen is mandatory)

Remote power supply:

  • 12 Volt DC battery (at the bottom)
  • Remote battery specifications
    • Model: 23A
    • Life: 2-3 years
    • Type: Alkaline (dry)
    • Replaceable: Yes
    • Rechargeable: No

Nurse station receiver power supply:

  • 110-220VAC/50-60Hz to 12VDC/5VDC converter adapter supplied
  • Customization possible for power supply. Unit can be plugged to any 12V external battery.  Active working hours depends on the battery power. Or even a 5V USB battery power bank

Technical specifications of the radio:

  • Transmitter PA: +10dbm
  • Receiver sensitivity: -106dbm
  • Operating frequency: 380 – 480 MHz
  • System operates works on signal hop mechanism. Signal transmission happens at more than 12-15 predefined frequencies
  • Modulation type: GFSK
  • Radio IC: CC1100 (Chipcon/TI) and other equivalents in sub-GHz freq.
  • Modulation: GFSK
  • Data packet error correction mechanism: FEC

Dimensions and weight (of wireless remote control siren):

  • Siren size: 100 x 160 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 250 gms
  • Remote controller size:120 x 40 x 20 mm
  • Remote controller weight: 45 gms

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