Wireless remote motor control systems

Wireless remote motor control system

Wireless remote motor control solutions helps user to trigger pumps from a distance. The system works on RF transmitter and receiver principle. A remote controller containing a strong transmitting unit. The receiver unit consists of various models. The receiver comprises of a potential free contact point. Some models can direct drive a motor pump (with max 30Amps capacity). Others can drive a DOL (Direct On Line) motor starter.
Usually DOL starters deployed for pumps with more than 2HP. And for small motors (less than 2HP) the receiver can direct drive the motor pump.
It is possible to trigger the receivers from a 100m to over 3-4Kms. It depends on the type of transmitter.

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 Wireless motor control system

Automatic water level wireless controller

Various motor controller models

Multiple pump control systems

Range 20-30m indoors, 100-120m outdoors

The remote motor control helps in controlling a water pump or motor from a distant location. With a mere press on a remote, the motor pump can turn on or off. The remote operates on wireless technology and does not mandate line of sight.

  • Remote control to turn ON/OFF the motor pump
  • Range: 20-30 meters indoors, 100-120m outdoors
  • 1 relay contactor points for series connection
  • Manual and remote mode facility
  • 30 Amps @ 220VAC potential free contactor points

Range 2-3 kms outdoors

Finally another variant of the wireless motor pump controllers. The range of communication is 2-3 Kms. The signals can traverse over long distances if transmitter and receiver are at a height. The motor pump controller has a mechanism to drive the DOL starter unit. It connects to the starter button in parallel and to the stop button in series. A motor pump can start or stop and stop with either remote control or manual.

At higher altitudes of the transmitter or antenna, the range improves. The push button connects to the transmitter through a wire.

  • Remote control to turn ON/OFF the motor pump
  • Range: 2-3 Kms outdoors (practical ranges 5-8 km)
  • 2 relay contactor point to drive DOL starter
  • Manual and remote mode facility
  • 30 Amps @ 220VAC potential free contactor points

Automatic water level controller

Wireless automatic water level controller is a sophisticated system to control water pumps. The system as the name suggests is fully automatic. It runs on wireless technology. The range of signals is 2-3 Kms. However, the range can increase with intermediate repeaters. When the overhead tank water runs out, the transmitter sends a signal to the pump controller. The pump controller then starts without human intervention, until the tank fills. Once, the tank is full, it again sends a signal to the pump controller receiver. On receiving the signal the pump turns off by itself. This process continues and keeps the overhead tank filled to the desired level.