Restaurant calling system

Wireless paging device

  • Portable, sleek handheld paging device with OLED display
  • Catches signals from different tables in a restaurant or cafe
  • Signals can pass through glass or concrete walls
  • Runs on rechargeable battery
  • Supports over 200+ remote controller (one on each table)
  • Call from a table is intimidated by a buzzing sound with corresponding table number

Waiter call bell (for 32 tables)

  • Set comprises of 32 table remotes and a pantry receiver
  • This service amplifies, customer satisfaction is customer retention rate
  • Each table has a remote for the guest and corresponding indicator at the pantry receiver
  • A call intimidated by a buzzing sound light on the corresponding table number

Guest house waiter call bell (for 10 rooms)

  • 10 room guest house / service apartment attendant calling mechanism to summon attendant
  • Wireless technology enables a plug-n-play installation
  • Best suited for hilly area guest houses, restaurants and resorts

Restaurant calling system is a wireless solution to call waiters with the press of a button. Firstly, every dining tables have a remote controller. On press of the call button, the respective number displays on the receiver console. However, it is possible to simultaneous displays in a restaurant or cafe’. Since there is no wiring involved, the units do not need any wiring or installation. And above all, the system needs no future maintenance. And finally, around 250 (max) remotes may exist. Whenever there is more than one table trying to summon a waiter, the number alternates on the display. Signals can take a detour and broadcast via repeaters. As a result, it helps in increasing the range of communication. And finally, the restaurant calling system helps in improving customer service and satisfaction. With FORBIX SEMICON waiter call system, a garcon can now have a quick turnaround time. From the time customer summons, till the time the waiter reaches the table.

Wireless solution for restaurant calling system

Restaurant calling system is works on RF technology. Every table remote controller has a miniature high power transmitter inside. Pressing the remote sends alert signals to the receiver unit in pantry area. Every table remote has a corresponding indicator associated at the receiver. Once the waiter attends the customer at the dining table he then cancels the call. The indicator receiver supports up to 32 tables.   In case of more than 32 tables the either 2 or more receivers can accommodate the additional remotes. Or a 7-segment display can deployment can also help. The 7-segment display receiver device support 250+ tables at a time. Though the calls show up in a round robin fashion.   The remote controllers run on a battery that lasts for more than 4 years. However, the receiver runs on a 12 volt power supply adapter. For any range enhancement needed, repeater booster helps to improve the the signal. Pulling up the metal antenna on the receiver also helps in improving the range further. Moreover, it is quite possible to scale up the architecture. Like, from a few tables to more numbers, without effecting the existing setup.