Token Management System

Queue token management system

FORBIX SEMICON, token management system is a very innovative solution for managing queue. Firstly, the solution comprises of 4 components. A button box for visitors to enter the intended room number. In addition to this, a token dispenser printer unit. This also associates with LED TV for displaying token number. And finally wireless remote controllers in the consultant rooms. Moreover, the wireless token management system supports for 10 calling rooms. However, a new dispensed token has present time and date printed along with token and room number. And finally, the consultation room person needs to press the remote to call the next customer or patient. When the remote pressed the corresponding next number in the queue shows up. Consequently, the system maintains an internal queue for every room number.

FORBIX SEMICON queue token management system

Queue token management system

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FORBIX SEMICON queue management system

Queue management system

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Top features of token management system

  • Since the signaling between consultation rooms and waiting hall is wireless, therefore it needs no wiring
  • HDMI connection to LED/LCD TV screen output
  • High performance CPU and graphical interface card
  • 4GB of internal memory
  • Internal real time clock and continuous recording
  • USB memory card data download
  • Moreover, alternative WiFi connection to down data as well
  • Save and restore feature, to recover from same queue status, on power reboots
  • Token numbers clear on every new day start at 00:00:00
  • Salient features

  • 2 inch token dispenser
  • Firstly, every token has present day and time printed on it
  • Daily recording stored in individual file names
  • The download link provides .zip of all the data entries
  • However, remote signal range is 20-30 meters
  • No line of sight needed for the remotes to communicate to the receiver
  • Moreover, it is possible to improve the range further by adding repeater (boosters)
  • And finally, the system designed on, no bulky computers

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