Unmanned Railway Crossing Alarm

  • Unmanned railway crossing train detection wireless system FORBIX SEMICON

Unmanned railway crossing alarm and train detectors

The unmanned railway crossing alarm system alarms crossing when train approaches. The mechanism involves in automatic train detection without any human intervention. The train detection sent over RF wireless transmission to level crossing receiver. Alert sound and light alarm flashes. This therefore, alarms pedestrians and vehicles cross the track. This solution avoids accidents that occur at the unmanned railway crossing. It function 24×7.
Following is how the system works:

  • Step1: Incoming train detected (2 to 3 Kilometers) before the level crossing
  • Step2: Train detected signal is send over long distance wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Step3: When train approaches, a siren blows at the level crossing. This associates with alert light flashing at the crossing
  • Step4: Once the train departs, the unmanned crossing, siren / alarm stops
  • It is also possible to attach a barrier gate to the crossing alarm. This alerts vehicles or passers not to cross the railway track, till the train has moved out.

    The complete system runs on 12 volt dc power supply. Additional solar panel with backup battery is optional. System integrators can install such a power supply at sites.

    FORBIX SEMICON unmanned railway crossing alarm

    Railway crossing alarm

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    FORBIX SEMICON unmanned railway crossing detection set

    Unmanned railway crossing train detector set

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    FORBIX SEMICON train detector transmitter

    Train detector transmitter

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    FORBIX SEMICON unmanned railway crossing alarm receiver

    Unmanned railway crossing alarm receiver

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    Other salient features of unmanned railway crossing alarm:

  • Completely automatic system and no need of human intervention (after installation)
  • No need of lying cables as the complete system works on RF wireless technology
  • Transmitter/receiver can work on AC as well as solar charging (internal machine works on 12 volt)
  • Train detectors, should mount so as the intercept the train boggies (from the side)
  • Also the mounting at height should not be less than 10 feet from the ground (away from reach of human)
  • To avoid false detections, train should be present for not less than 3 seconds in front of the detectors
  • Once the train has crossed the detector poles “train left” signal sent from the transmitters
  • It is mandatory for the train detector poles to be visible receiver pole
  • The train detection sensors have no effect with fog or flying birds nearby
  • The detectors can detect fast speed trains at 200Km/h

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