Unmanned railway crossing alarm

Unmanned Railway Crossing Alarm System

FORBIX SEMICON®, a leading innovator in technology solutions, introduces its cutting-edge Unmanned Railway Crossing Alarm Solution, incorporating RF solutions with a long-range transmitter receiver. This state-of-the-art system revolutionizes railway safety by providing an efficient and reliable mechanism to alert road users about approaching trains at unmanned railway crossings.

The Unmanned Railway Crossing Alarm Solution harnesses the power of RF (Radio Frequency) technology to establish seamless communication between the train and the crossing. The long-range transmitter receiver ensures an extensive coverage area, enabling timely and accurate transmission of signals over long distances. This ensures that vehicles and pedestrians in the vicinity are promptly informed of an approaching train, mitigating the risk of accidents and ensuring their safety.

The system operates on a sophisticated network that employs advanced algorithms to detect trains and activate the alarm system accordingly. When a train is detected, the RF transmitter sends signals to the RF receiver installed at the crossing. The receiver then triggers a loud audible alarm and activates warning lights, alerting road users of the approaching train and prompting them to exercise caution. 

The Unmanned Railway Crossing Alarm Solution from FORBIX SEMICON® offers numerous advantages over traditional systems. Its utilization of RF technology enables reliable and instantaneous communication, minimizing response time and enhancing safety. The long-range capability ensures that even remote areas are covered, making it suitable for both urban and rural settings. With its robust construction and intelligent functionality, this solution presents a significant leap forward in railway safety, helping to prevent accidents and save lives.

Unmanned Railway Crossing Alarm Video

Other salient features of unmanned railway crossing alarm:

  • Completely automatic system and no need for human intervention (after installation)
  • No need of lying cables as the complete system works on RF wireless technology
  • Transmitter/receiver can work on AC as well as solar charging (internal machine works on 12 volts)
  • Train detectors should mount so as the intercept the train bogies (from the side)
  • Also, the mounting at height should not be less than 10 feet from the ground (away from reach of a human)
  • To avoid false detections, a train should be present for not less than 3 seconds in front of the detectors
  • Once the train has crossed the detector poles “train left” signal sent from the transmitters
  • It is mandatory for the train detector poles to be visible receiver-pole
  • The train detection sensors have no effect with fog or flying birds nearby
  • The detectors can detect fast speed trains at 200Km/h

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