Wireless crane remote

Crane remote control

Wireless crane remote control

FORBIX SEMICON wireless crane remote control system works on wireless RF technology. It has 12 buttons on the remote controller. The range of communication is around 100m (in industrial environments). An open line of sight is 150m. The 12 button functionality, is to control the LT, CT, hoist operations. However, custom designs available with additional functions. These are coarse/granular and attendant call. The remote controller operates on 12 volt DC 23A alkaline battery. The backpack contains the battery. The wireless crane control system is a replacement of present wired crane controllers. However, there are other commercial applications as well. The remote controller body is of tough and rigid ABS plastic and is capable to withstand a drop on the floor.

The receiver unit is a combination of 6-12 relay ports. However, each relay withstands a driver capacity of 220VAC at 5 Amps. Further, every potential free contactor relay has its corresponding receiver. The crane motor controller wiring can connect to the relay receiver. The crane remote control system helps in upgrading an existing wired system to wireless. And finally, its seamless and effortless process to migrate to these wireless process.

Wireless remote crane control systems


Wireless crane remote


11 port receiver to control motors

Remote control crane
  • Industrial crane movements
  • Direct connections to traversing motors
  • Coarse and granular movement

Crane remote control functionality:

  • The button operations for the crane remote control is as follows:
  • LT and CT forward/reverse: Receiver relay remains ON as long as the buttons kept pressed
  • Hoist up/down: Receiver relay remains ON as long as buttons remain pressed
  • No two buttons should be pressed simultaneously (the receiver will react to any one of them at a time, 1-hot type)
  • Mains on/off button once pressed turns ON the respective relay at receiver
  • Auxiliary mains on/off button once pressed turns ON the respective relay at receiver


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