Wireless Monitoring System

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  • Wireless monitoring system for temperature and humidity.
  • Model: WM01.
  • Supports 20 sensor node points.
  • Captures data to a centralized receiver station.
  • Receiver data projects on LCD monitor screen (VGA connected).
  • Outdoor signal range 100-150 meters.
  • Indoors signal range 30-40 meters.
  • Temperature -40 to +80°C (accuracy ±0.5°C).
  • Humidity (0 to 100 %rH).
  • Optional/additional feature 24×7 data logging at receiver station.
  • Node and receiver operating voltage 12volt DC.
  • 2 models of sensor units:
    • Sensing node WITHOUT display.
    • Sensing node WITH display.

Wireless monitoring system can be customized for other types of air monitoring like Carbon-dioxide (CO2) or even VOC.  It is also possible to attach a panic button and deploy the device as a panic alarm system to alert centralized receiver. Further, the nodes can also be attached to electronic equipment, flow meter, level controllers, PLC and other similar devices.