Wireless staff call system for office


The wireless staff call system is an innovative solution for the manager to call the staff in the office. The staff call system consists of a 9 button calling unit which is the transmitter. A receiver is an indicator unit for individual rooms. Display receiver is another variant where staff members can see the called numbers. If the manager wants to call a person (say from room 02), then he presses button number 2. This then sends signals to receiver display in room 02. Moreover, the receiver has a light indicator and buzzer sound to alert the staff. It is possible to have 9 such individual receiver units. The staff call system also has a digital 2-digit display to show the called number. The digital digit display is an alternative way to inform the staff members.

The range of communication of the wireless staff call system is around 20-30 meters. But, it is possible to enhance the range by the use of repeater (booster) units. The staff call system supports more than one intermediate booster.

Staff call dialer

 Display receiver 

Office staff call system

Wireless staff calling system Staff call system indicator Staff call system receiver

Application images of staff call system

Wireless staff calling system Wireless staff call customized system Wireless staff call customized designe

Staff call system dialler

The wireless staff call system dialler is a 9 button transmitter. Each button corresponds to a calling number. Buzzer sound accompanies the pushbutton press. It has a power supply and button press indicator. Operating voltage 12VDC. Adapter converter 220VAC to 12VDC comes along with the package. User can associate a staff member name or pantry to each of the calling buttons. Pressing the button for at least 2-3 seconds improves the range of communication. There is no cancellation button on the dialer unit.

Staff call dialer unit

Receiver for the staff members

The receiver unit for individual staff member has a light indicator and buzzing sound. When the manager presses a button on the dialer, the corresponding receiver turns on. There can be at most of 9 receivers units for individual staff members. Each receiver unit has rather a RED and BLUE light indicator. These lights glow in an alternative manner. Also, a buzzer sound is audible. The range of the signal is around 20-30 meters, therefore, able to cover the building area. The unit operates on the 12VDC power supply. However, an adapter converter 220VAC to 12VDC comes along with the receiver. Moreover, the unit needs no wiring and no installation. Best, is to keep it on a table on hang on the wall (mounting with 2 screw)

Staff call indicator

Receiver display for common room

The digital display receiver shows the number called from the dialler transmitter. However, this is an alternative indicator for the halls and corridor. Whenever the manager presses the button, the corresponding number shows on the display. In case of more than one button press, numbers rotate in round robin fashion. The numbers stay on the display for 10-15 seconds. Moreover, the display associated with a buzzing sound and volume control. It is possible to keep the display unit on the table or hang on the wall. Because of big size numbers, the digits are visible from a distance of 50 meters.

Staff call display receiver
Demo video

Staff call bell

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