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Wireless transmitter receiver

Wireless transmitters

100 meters to 3 Kms range

FORBIX SEMICON produces a wide variety of transmitter models. Starting from 1 channel to as big as 11 channel transmitter receivers. However, transmitters have variations in distance of communication signal range. Moreover, the system needs no wiring or installation. The machines are reliable and do not need any further maintenance. In addition, the range of communication is 2-3 Kms. Due to its long range of communication, it can save the cost of electrical wires. Moreover, with multi-channel, the solution finds a way in many industrial applications.

7xx series models: caters for 2-3 km distance, whereas
6xx series has a signal range of 100-250 meters

FBX701A: 1 channel transmitter
FBX702A: 2 channel transmitter

FBX710A: 10 channel transmitter
FBX711A: 11 channel transmitter

Moreover, transmitters available are direct button drive or remote control operated.
The wireless transmitter receiver has a rather wide range of applications. Especially in commercial security, industrial automation, and even life-saving devices. Hence, the reliability and robustness of the devices are making them popular among customers.

long range transmitter receiver

Wireless 2 channel long range transmitter

3 channel transmitter receiver

3 channel transmitter-receiver wiring

Wireless receivers

01-11 port receivers

FORBIX SEMICON factory produces receiver units with rather 1 to 11 port potential free relays. However, the relay contacts comes in 2 models: 5 Amps and 30 Amps load capacity. Since the wireless transmitters directly control the receivers, it is a 1 to 1 combination. However, 1 transmitter to many receiver combinations is also possible. In addition, each of the ports individually controlled by the respective transmitter button.

FBXCSR01R5: 1 port 5 Amps receiver compatible to 100m transmitter
FBXCSR01R30: 1 port 30 Amps receiver compatible to 100m transmitter
FBX7R01R5: 1 port 5 Amps compatible with 2-3 Km (7xx series) transmitter
FBX7R01R30: 1 port 30 Amps compatible with 2-3 Km (7xx series) transmitter

FBX7R11R5: 11 channel receiver

The wireless receiver output has rather potential free contact points. However, every contractor has 3 points, viz. COMMON (COM), Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC). In an idle state, COM and NO points remain connected, whereas, COM and NC electrically short. When a particular port excited from the transmitter, COM and NO now gets connected. Also, COM and NC now get disconnected.

Wireless 11 port relay receiver

1 port relay receiver

Wiring diagrams

Wireless transmitter receiver wiring diagram

Wireless transmitter-receiver wiring diagram is as shown. However, the wiring is very simple. Moreover, it is a replica of 1 port to 11 ports. The signal output rather needs to loop back to the signal input. Hence, every input of the transmitter constitutes a channel number. And therefore, every channel is 1-to-1 mapped to the corresponding receiver. Finally, a potential free contact loopback mechanism operates for the transmitter.

Transmitter wiring diagram

Relay receiver wiring diagram

Wireless transmitter and receiver applications


  • Wireless panic alarm systems
  • Machine to machine control and data transfer
  • Crane control and automatic shutter controls
  • Wireless trigger for gates, hooters and sirens
  • Automatic solutions for sensor threshold and control
  • Customized solutions for industrial automation
  • Factory alerting system
  • Patrolling system for defence and security personals
  • Long range detection systems for vehicle movements and locomotives
  • IoT based solutions