Wireless Transmitter Receiver now helps Boost Automation Efficiency

Wireless transmitter receiver set

FORBIX SEMICON new series of RF wireless transmitter receiver. Set comprises of a produce single channel to 4 channel wireless transmitter receiver for various industrial automation. The units can send and receive data trigger signals. Best suited for industrial automation, home automation, garage open/close and similar applications. The receiver has inbuilt 5Amps relay. This can take a load of up to  1KW @ 220VAC. Further, DC driven electrical appliance loads of 12V/24V/48Volts is also possible. Whereas the transmitters are capable of getting triggers either manually or from other intelligent devices like PLC/Computers/Controllers etc. 

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RF Signal range 30-40 meters indoors and around 100-150meters in open line of sight. Additionally, it is possible to extend the range of signals by introducing signal booster, repeaters.


  • Wireless panic alarm systems.
  • Machine to machine control and data transfer.
  • Crane control and automatic shutter controls.
  • Wireless trigger for gates, hooters and sirens.
  • Automatic solutions for sensor threshold and control.
  • Customized solutions for industrial automation.
  • Factory alerting system.
  • Patrolling system for defence and security personals.
  • HVAC feedback loop automatic control solutions.
  • Long range detection systems for vehicle movements and locomotives.
  • IoT based solutions.

Single channel wireless transmitter receiver

2 channel wireless transmitter receiver 

3 channel 3 port set

4 channel wireless transmitter receiver

4 channel with button press

The transmitter features four latch buttons, one for each channel. When a latch button is pressed, it locks in the ON position, activating the corresponding relay in the receiver. This allows the flow of current through the connected load or circuit. To turn off the relay, the latch button is rotated clockwise, releasing the button and switching off the relay. This latch button mechanism ensures that the relay maintains its state until intentionally turned off, providing control and stability.

In addition to the latch buttons, the transmitter also includes four small-sized red buttons. These buttons are designed for momentary operation, allowing users to momentarily turn on or off the corresponding relays. By simply pressing one of these buttons, the corresponding relay in the receiver is activated or deactivated for a brief period, providing a quick and controlled switching action.

With each of the four channels working independently, the 4-channel wireless transmitter and receiver system offers flexibility and versatility in controlling multiple relays or circuits wirelessly. This system is ideal for home automation, industrial automation, lighting control, and various other applications where remote switching is required for multiple devices or circuits.

1 channel remote control relay receiver

The remote control relay receiver with 1 channel is a versatile device that enables wireless control of a relay. This compact and user-friendly system allows users to conveniently operate a connected electrical device or circuit from a distance. The relay receiver is designed to respond to signals transmitted by a remote control, providing a reliable and efficient solution for remote switching applications.

The remote control features three buttons: a top button, a bottom button, and a center button. Each button serves a distinct purpose in controlling the relay. Pressing the top button activates the relay, turning it on and allowing the flow of current through the connected load. On the other hand, pressing the bottom button deactivates the relay, turning it off and cutting off the power supply to the load.

The center button on the remote control triggers a momentary action of the relay. When this button is pressed, the relay is momentarily activated, creating a short burst of power to the load. This feature is useful for applications that require a brief, controlled operation, such as signaling devices or intermittent switching tasks.

With its simple yet efficient functionality, the remote control relay receiver with 1 channel provides a convenient solution for wireless control of electrical devices or circuits. It offers flexibility and ease of use, making it suitable for various applications in home automation, industrial settings, and beyond.

Panic Alarm System

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