FORBIX SEMICON wireless panic alarm solutions
now at ministry of internals
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


FORBIX SEMICON Wireless nurse call system
serving patients and hospital staff
at Travancore Medical College


Wireless security alert system,
at Shirdi International Airport


Wireless traffic light controller,
at road junctions

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Electronic product design and wireless automation company

Wireless Nurse Call System

FORBIX SEMICON® wireless nurse call system provides solution for hospitals worldwide. LCD TV monitor nurse station, 24×7 dataloggers, code RED, code BLUE, bed remote, toilet pull chords and many more. Simply press remote / pull chord to call nurse on duty. No wiring, no installation and no future maintenance. 

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Panic Alarm Solutions

Wireless panic alarm solutions helps offices, banks, warehouses, factories and even in houses & gated communities, to be secure. The signals travel from the panic buttons to various receivers at security post, guard rooms, maintenance corner. GSM alerts (SMS/Calls) on mobile phones, automatic machine triggered and manual buttons, 24×7 data loggers are a few salient feature

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Air quality monitors and HVAC control systems

These equipment designed to measure ambient level of Carbon di-oxide (CO2), VOC, Formaldehyde, dust particulate matter PM1.0 / PM2.5 / PM10. HVAC control systems solves closed loop feedback to automatically regulate the room temperature and clean air by modulating the dampers and ventilator fans. Tabletop, handheld and wall mount models.

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Long Range Solutions

Wireless long range solutions incorporates a high gain transmitter and a low noise receiver. Signal range 3-4 kms in urban areas and over 6-7Kms in open light of sight. Deployed at border security force posts, defence, airports, factories, oil fields, to alert centralized office during infiltration. Also used for incoming railway train detection systems. 

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Wireless traffic light controllers

Wireless traffic light controller is a leap in the technological advancement. FORBIX SEMICON® engineers came up with the idea of maneuvering of traffic from a distance. Wireless communication has made it possible. Our traffic controller works in autonomous mode as well as in manual override mode.

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  • Panic alarm solutions for gated community
  • Nurse call system for hospitals
  • Security guard siren mechanism for border forces
  • Factory machine trigger wireless communication
  • Automatic motor pump controllers
  • Wireless security alarms for banks and office
  • Air quality monitors and HVAC solution
  • Wireless and remote traffic light controller
  • Customized wireless data transmitter and receiver
  • Alerting devices for defence and paroling forces
  • Globally serving 50,000+ customers.
  • Market segments: medical sector, hospitals, industry, factory, defence, airports, railways, offices, homes, apartments.
  • Customer List
  • Indigenous design. We have a dedicated RnD team to bring new electronic solutions and products to life.
  • Operating Centers: India and Estonia. Headquarters at Bangalore, India. European sales office at Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Bulk quantity manufacturing. Our factory is equipped with state of the art manufacturing facility for producing our products in big quantities.
  • Bulk Production Gallery
  • Testing and QC. Each part is thoroughly tested & calibrated, and undergoes various electrical stimulus testing and mechanical vibration phases, before quality assurance.
  • Distributors. We are growing our sales network across cities. We therefore, are looking forward for more participation from companies and individuals as channel partners.

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