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Wireless Nurse Call
The FORBIX SEMICON® Wireless Nurse Call System revolutionizes patient care with its easy-to-use design. Featuring an LCD TV monitor nurse station and 24×7 dataloggers, it ensures seamless communication. Patients can summon help by simply pressing a bed remote or pulling a toilet chord. With Code RED and Code BLUE alerts, critical situations are promptly addressed. The system requires no wiring, installation, or future maintenance, making it an efficient and hassle-free solution for hospitals and care facilities. Enhance patient safety and streamline nurse response with this advanced, low-maintenance call system.
Wireless Panic Alarm
The Wireless Panic Alarm offers a hassle-free safety solution with no need for wiring or installation. Designed for quick and easy deployment, it operates within a range of 30 to 100 meters, providing reliable coverage for homes, offices, and other spaces. For larger areas, the range can be extended using repeaters, ensuring comprehensive protection. This user-friendly device is ideal for emergency situations, allowing users to trigger an alert instantly, enhancing personal safety and security. Whether for personal use or organizational safety, the Wireless Panic Alarm is an effective and flexible security solution.
Queue Management Solutions
The FORBIX SEMICON® Wireless Queue Management System optimizes service efficiency by streamlining customer flow. This system features a token dispenser and displays tokens on a TV LCD monitor, ensuring clear and organized queue management. Customers receive a token from the dispenser and wait for their number to appear on the monitor, reducing confusion and wait times. With no need for extensive wiring or installation, this wireless system is easy to set up and maintain. Ideal for banks, hospitals, and service centers, it enhances the customer experience and improves operational efficiency.
Peon Call Bell Devices
The Wireless Peon Call Bell System is an efficient solution for offices and elderly care. Designed for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, it allows users to call for assistance with ease. Ideal for office environments and for elderly individuals needing attendant care, this system operates without wiring or installation, ensuring quick and hassle-free setup. By simply pressing a button, help can be summoned instantly, enhancing convenience and safety. Perfect for corporate settings, homes, and care facilities, this user-friendly device provides a reliable way to request help, ensuring peace of mind for both users and caregivers.

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FORBIX SEMICON® is a leading manufacturing and designing company that specializes in electronic and wireless automation products. Our primary focus is on innovation and quality. We produce solutions for medical, defence, commercial and residential applications. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services, ensuring that our clients receive the best value for their investment. Whether you’re looking for industrial automation solutions or wireless communication products, FORBIX SEMICON® has the expertise and technology to meet your needs.

  • Wireless Nurse Call for Hospitals.
  • Panic Alarm Solutions with signal range over 3-5Kms, for defence installations, airports, incoming train detection for railways, oil rigs pump control, residential gated communities, apartments, and many more.
  • Wireless Traffic Light Controllers for standalone and centralized traffic light control on road junctions in cities, factories, harbours, airports etc.
  • Machine to machine communication over RF wireless, automatic water / oil flow control, conveyer belt and overhead crane remote maneuvering, and similar applications.
  • Air Quality Monitors and VOC / CO2 / Dust sensing devices for homes, offices, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, schools, and other institutions
  • Panic alarm solutions for gated community
  • Nurse call system for hospitals
  • Security guard siren mechanism for border forces
  • Factory machine trigger wireless communication
  • Automatic motor pump controllers
  • Wireless security alarms for banks and office
  • Air quality monitors and HVAC solution
  • Wireless and remote traffic light controller
  • Customized wireless data transmitter and receiver
  • Alerting devices for defence and paroling forces
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Reasons to count on FORBIX SEMICON®
  • Globally serving 50,000+ customers.
  • Market segments: medical sector, hospitals, industry, factory, defence, airports, railways, offices, homes, apartments.
    Indigenous design.
  • We have a dedicated RnD team to bring new electronic solutions and products to life.
  • Operating Centers: India and Estonia. Headquarters at Bangalore, India. European sales office at Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Bulk quantity manufacturing. Our factory is equipped with state of the art manufacturing facility for producing our products in big quantities.
  • Testing and QC. Each part is thoroughly tested & calibrated, and undergoes various electrical stimulus testing and mechanical vibration phases, before quality assurance.
  • Distributors. We are growing our sales network across cities. We therefore, are looking forward for more participation from companies and individuals as channel partners.

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