Electronic product design and wireless automation company

  • Wireless Attendant Alert Solutions
  • Industrial Automation Solutions
  • Panic alarm solutions for gated community
  • Nurse call system for hospitals
  • Security guard siren mechanism for border forces
  • Factory machine trigger wireless communication
  • Automatic motor pump controllers
  • Wireless security alarms for banks and office
  • Air quality monitors and HVAC solution
  • Wireless and remote traffic light controller
  • Customized wireless data transmitter and receiver
  • Alerting devices for defence and paroling forces

Wireless Panic alarm

Wireless panic alarm

Alerting devices for houses, old age people, offices, apartments, gated colony
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FORBIX SEMICON is the leading manufacturer of highly advanced, intelligent and reliable panic alarm solutions. The company designs its products based on customer requests and repetitive reengineering. The company’s products offer various benefits to its customers:

-Highly advanced and intelligent devices working on latest cutting edge RF technology
-Excellent reliability thanks to complex algorithms and built-in redundancy.
-Advanced technology with self-diagnostics to identify malfunctions that occur in the operation of the alarm system.
-A wide range of models for all types of environments, including residential buildings, institutions, and factories.
FORBIX SEMICON provides solutions to maintain safety and security in any situation. Panic alarms are an emergency communication solution that’s getting more popular for its efficient and reliable design.

Wireless nurse call

Wireless nurse call

Presenting the simplest patient call button
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FORBIX SEMICON wireless nurse call system is a devices provides a solution for healthcare providers to ensure that they are able to communicate with their patients in a timely manner. The wireless notification system allows nurses to be alerted when the patient needs attention and when it is time for medication. The nurses can also use the device as an optional SOS button and alert other staff members if they require assistance. This system provides healthcare providers with a reliable way to provide care for their patients while still maintaining their safety.

This is a wireless nurse call system works on FORBIX SEMICON’s proprietary technology. It has the ability to support large and small hospitals and public buildings such as schools.

Wireless  transmitter receiver

Guard alerting solutions

Patrolling alarms for defence bases, factory, airports. periphery security solutions
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FORBIX SEMICON wireless long range transmitter receiver is used for wireless transmission of data signals between different transmitting and receiving devices. The wireless long range wireless transmitter receiver device can be used in a wide variety of situations where remote control is desired. It is used for remote control of various types of electrical power supply sources, industrial processes, defence, airports and other government facilities. The range of the communicating signals varies from a 1-4km (or even more). The long range transmitter and receiver solution helps in duress alarm devices. These alarm solutions finds its place in an emergency alert situations. We produce devices for the patrolling parties, guard posts and security cabins. So that duty guards can wirelessly alert central monitoring station.

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