Electronic products and wireless automation solutions

Wireless nurse call

Nurse call system

Patients have a call button to summon nurse on duty. No wiring, no installation, neither any future maintenance cost. Various models of patient bed and washroom buttons available. Accessories include door indicators, repeater boosters, code blue alerts, 24x7 data logger recorder.

Wireless panic alarm

Panic alarm system

Wireless panic alarm buttons and sirens for office, banks, schools, factories. In an event of emergency alert security guards or police. Possible to attach sensors as well. Even supports automatic GSM dialing. Signal range 100-300 meters.

Long range panic alarm

Long range solutions

Security systems for defense and armed forces, border patrol, army, oil fields, airports, sea harbors, and factories. Customized solutions, that comprises of long-range transmitters, siren alarms, displays, and repeaters. Signal range 3-4 Kms and even more.


Over 20,000+ customers worldwide

  • Our products are deployed at various hospitals, clinics, old aged homes, offices, and various commercial institutions and buildings.
  • Long range panic alarms and security systems, finds its place in the defense forces, airports and many more.
  • Many more private organizations deploy these solutions for building automation. Like, automatic HVAC control, sensor-based integration, and alarming systems.
  • Wireless traffic light controls come very handily for a pedestrian crossing in cities, airports and parking lots.

Over 600+ products

FORBIX SEMICON factory designs and manufactures over 600+ electronic products and many more customized solutions.

Our team of design engineers conceptualizes a product on paper. Then they take it to prototype via many iterations of simulations. And eventually a production worthy part. This production part undergoes multiple stages of alpha and beta testing at various sites. Once all tests have successfully passed to the utmost customer satisfaction, it is then handed over to our distributors.

Because of extensively varied solutions, our factory remains constantly overloaded with running orders. Therefore, we seldom store readymade sets of the shelf.  Most of the orders are delivered with 2-3 days of lead time.

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