Nurse call system

Patients have a call button to summon the nurse on duty. No wiring, no installation, neither any future maintenance cost. Various models of patient bed and washroom buttons available. Accessories include door indicators, repeater boosters, code blue alerts, 24x7 data logger recorder.

Panic alarm system

Wireless panic alarm buttons and sirens for homes, offices, banks, schools, factories, and residential gated communities. In an event of emergency alert security guards or police. Alert systems for old aged people, banks, security gate, and many more.

Long range transmitter receiver

Security systems for defense and armed forces, border patrol, army, oil fields, airports, sea harbors, and factories. Customized solutions comprise long-range transmitters, siren alarms, displays, and repeaters. Signal range 3-4 Kms and even more.

  • Serving over 50,000+ customers worldwide
  • Our products are deployed at various hospitals, clinics, old aged homes, offices, and various commercial institutions and buildings
  • Long-range panic alarms and security systems find their place in the defense forces, airports, and many more
  • Many more private organizations deploy these solutions for building automation. Like, automatic HVAC control, sensor-based integration, and alarming systems
  • Wireless traffic light controls come in very handy for a pedestrian crossing in cities, airports, and parking lots

FORBIX SEMICON company factory manufactures over 600+ products

FORBIX SEMICON factory designs and manufactures over 600+ electronic products and many more customized solutions.

To start with, our team of design engineers conceptualizes a product on paper. Then they take it to the initial prototype version after many iterations of simulations. And eventually a production worthy part. This production part undergoes multiple stages of alpha and beta testing at various sites. Once finalized, all tests have successfully passed to the utmost customer satisfaction, it is then handed over to our distributors.

Because of the extensive demand of our products worldwide, FORBIX SEMICON factory production line remains overloaded. Every single device undergoes a series of calibration and test procedures. Following to which, it reaches our shipping department, from where it leaves for the customer's destination. Domestic (India) market we have a tie-up with DTDC and a few other courier services. For all international shipments, we are having a contract with DHL and FedEx.

FORBIX SEMICON produces the best wireless nurse call system and panic alarm system. The nurse call system comprises of a set of calling remote controllers and a nurse station. The transmitter and receiver in the nurse call system run on a free ISM band. There is no limit the signal range, thanks to the boosters (signal range enhancer).
FORBIX SEMICON nurse call system and panic alarm solutions, work on the RF principle. The calling buttons and panic buttons are transmitting units. The receiving devices are the indicator receiver and alarm sirens. Pressing the remotes triggers alarming wireless signals to the receiver. The attendant can then rush for assistance and help. The nurse call system has various other applications as well. Like, restaurant waiter call bell, peon calling system, doctor alert, elderly people alarms.
The panic alarm system an application mainly for security alert gated residential community. Similar applications include alarming solutions in factories, warehouses, airports, defense, and commercial buildings. It is quite possible to scale up the number of sirens and panic alarm buttons. In the same manner, nurse call can deploy and scale many patient call buttons, from 1 to over 6000+.