Internet speed test online

The best way to check your internet speed is to use our online speed test tool. Most internet service providers have their own speed test tools available on their websites. However, our inhouse developed tool helps to measure your download and upload speeds with utmost accuracy.

Internet speed tests measure the download and upload speeds of a user’s connection to the internet by sending a file from the test server to the user’s device and measuring how long it takes for the file to download. It also measures the time it takes for the user’s device to send a file back to the test server. The speed test measures a connection’s latency, which is the time it takes for a data packet to make a round trip from the user’s device to the test server and back. The download and upload speeds, as well as the latency, are then used to calculate the user’s internet speed.

You can try implementing the following piece of code logic to check the speed of internet


// This code will measure the speed of a web page’s loading time.

// Step 1: Create a start time variable

let startTime =;

// Step 2: Set up an event listener to listen for the “load” event on the page

window.addEventListener(“load”, function(){

// Step 3: Create an end time variable

let endTime =;

// Step 4: Calculate the difference between the start and end times

let totalTime = endTime – startTime;

// Step 5: Output the total loading time to the console console.log(“The page loaded in ” + totalTime + ” milliseconds.”); });


// Create a variable to store the speed of the internet connection
var internetSpeed;

// Create a function to test the speed of the internet connection
function speedTest() {
// Use the method to measure the time before and after the download
var startTime =;
// Create a new HTTP request
var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
// Assign the request to a URL‘GET’, ‘‘, true);
// Once the request is complete, measure the time again
request.onload = function() {
var endTime =;
// Calculate the difference between the two times
var timeDifference = endTime – startTime;
// Calculate the speed by dividing the size of the file by the time difference
internetSpeed = request.responseText.length / timeDifference;

// Call the speedTest() function

// Log the speed of the internet connection
console.log(‘Internet speed: ‘ + internetSpeed


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